Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Riley Sidney is here!!

He finally made his debut and I'm in love!!  We are at the hospital (day 2) and will be discharged later this afternoon.
Had induction scheduled for Monday, told to arrive between 6 & 630. I was already having contractions since I woke up, but I'm not sure if it was the start of labor or not since they were about 9 minutes apart.  Got there, taken to my room, IV started and with pitocin and ampicillin (for GBS+) all by 645. Dr R came in around 7 and broke my water. It was the weirdest feeling! It felt like I was constantly peeing myself.  Contractions started getting stronger and closer together.  By 745 they were starting to really get uncomfortable, so I called for my epidural.  By 8:00 they were painless again.  Getting the epi makes me drunk for about 30-45 minutes.  Me and the nurse were very chatty and then after that I could barely hold my eyes open.  Of course Homer left the room when they were giving the epi.  Nurse told him to come back after about 15 minutes.  Well after 30, I start wondering where he went. And as I mentioned, the meds make me drunk, so I shrug it off and quickly join back into the converstation.  Well by 45 minutes, I decide to call him.  He was asleep in the waiting room!  (He's already been caught sleeping multiple times while I was in pain in the delivery room). Well he joins us back and we watch TV for the next few hours. 
The nurse said we'll have a baby by noon when we get there and says that's her goal.  Well as we approach noon, we all realize were not gonna make our goal, but hopefully we won't be far behind it. Dr. R came in about every 1 1/2 hr to check me and I was progressing wonderfully.  At 1 he comes in and says I am 9+ dilated with just a rim of cervix left.  He tells the nurse to check me again at 145 and then start pushing if I'm ready.  She had turned me on my side in what is called the pretzel to help him come down and help my cervix progress.  Not even 10 minutes after he left, I started really feeling pressure and the urge to push.  She checks me and I'm ready.  So she transforms the bed and we get ready to push.  After 10 minutes of pushing, she says don't push anymore. We wait another 13 minutes for Dr R to mosey on down, all the while Riley comes a little more with every contraction despite me resisting the urge to push.  During our waiting time, the nurse gets out some Johnson and Johnson and gives him his first shampoo haha.  The nurse was ready to catch him but luckily Dr R made it to the table in time.  One more push and out he comes, at 141 pm. The nurses were very surprised with his size.  My nurse guessed he'd be around 6 1/2 lbs by looking at me.  Of course, Homer and I were not shocked by his 9 lb 2 oz.  I wasn't expecting his length though!  I saw the nurse measuring him, shaking her head, and remeasuring him and few times.  Then she announced 22 in!  I knew he was cramped and kept hitting my ribs, but I wasn't thinking he'd be 22 in!!  Well his big head, I had between a 1st and 2nd degree tear, dr said it was small.  

He was breathing wonderfully and so we didn't have the excitement in L&D like we had with KB.  They cleaned him a little and then put him on my chest for kangaroo care for about 30 mins.  I was in love! We later don't realize until about 3 or 4 that Homer never even held him. I felt so bad!  
My parents, Kaylee Beth, and Homer's dad were all here for his birth.  It was great having the grandparents here for such a special time.  Kaylee Beth immediately took to Riley.  She gets mad when other people hold him and she wants to be right there beside him at all times.  Yesterday she was holding him in her lap and took his shoes off of him.  He was getting hungry and started crying.  She started crying thinking she hurt him when she took the shoes off.  It took a few minutes to convince her she didn't do anything wrong and he was just hungry.  
She has gone home with my parents both nights while Homer and I stayed here at the hospital with Riley. They would have to carry her out crying b/c she wanted to stay with us and bubba.  But she's very excited that bubba is gonna come see her at home tomorrow!
Due to me being Group B strep positive, Riley has to be monitored for at least 48 hours to make sure he doesn't develop anything serious within the first 2 days.  So far so good!  
He eats like a champ! The first couple of feedings were rough as I was relearning how to breastfeed and he was trying this hardest to figure out what he needed to do.  But by the next morning, we were both doing well with it.  He eats a LOT and frequently!  He does a lot of eating and sleeping, but hardly ever cries.  He got mad last night when they undressed him to get his weight, but that was really the first time he had a crying spell.  Looks like he knows he needs to be mellow with Kaylee Beth around! :) 
Well It's time for me to get another nap before he wakes up again for more milk!  I didn't remember how sore my nipples were gonna be.  Kaylee Beth didn't eat as well the first few days, so they were spared a little then.  Now, I almost want to cry when he starts eating his fist and showing hunger signs.  (They are sore just typing about him eating-haha)
I'll post some pictures when I can.   I haven't uploaded any to the computer yet, but I will soon.  In the meantime, you can keep checking the Brookwood website and look in the virtual nursery for them to get posted. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Set for Monday!!

Went to dr last week.  No cervical change yet again...
Went yesterday and was 1 cm and 50% effaced.  Yay! Not much but that means its changing. haha.  We set up Monday for induction. So unless Riley comes before Monday, he'll be here 12/20/10!!  We're so excited!  Also, dr had been asking me when I was gonna stop rotations.  I didn't want to stop early b/c i'd have to make it up after he gets here.  So I gave in yesterday and stopped 3 days early. haha.  Today Kaylee Beth has her Christmas party in her Childrens day out program.  So I finally get to go to something!  I'm also planning on going to get my nails done today.  I've been having painful contractions this morning but no pattern... whats new??  So as of right now, no need to change any plans. 
Well time to get up and ready for the day!  Just wanted to share the exciting news!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 weeks left!

So, It's been quite a while since I updated last... A lot has happened since my last update.  I am currently 36 weeks 5 days.  Riley is 2 days away from being full term!  Last week I had my 35 week dr appt.  I had the group B strep test and a cervical exam.  No dilation :(  This Tuesday I went for my 36 week appt.  Still no change and found out I'm Group B +.  My mom is very concerned about me being positive but I've tried to explain to her its no big deal, I'll just get antibiotics when I'm in labor to kill the bacteria and keep Riley from getting anything.  So even with all of the contractions I've been having, they aren't doing a thing!! Yesterday I had a long day at work, 7-5:45.  I'm doing psychiatry on a geriatric psych ward, like where I worked during undergrad.  I thought we weren't gonna be there that long, so I decided to work through lunch to get out faster (Usually I'm out by 1 or 2).  So about 4:00, I started having painful contractions.  I kept monitoring them as we worked, but they didn't seem to be following any sort of pattern.  I almost had a breakdown on the way home b/c I was so tired, hungry, contracting, and just overall exhausted.  Once I got home, I ate, then sat on the couch.  KB was playing in my lap and hitting my already tender belly and causing more contractions.  They were coming every 4-5 minutes for over a hour (when my dr says its time to call him).  I had a feeling I wasn't so lucky as to be in labor, nor did I really think I had the energy to push Riley out tonight, so I laid down in the bed while Homer gave me a massage. Luckily, they slacked off.  I slept from 9-midnight and then woke up hungry, thirsty and contracting agin.  These however were more spaced out and I wasn't worried about being in labor.  After waking up multiple times during the night with contractions, it was finally morning and time to start another day.  Luckily I was done about 1 today!  
I've really been slowing down more lately. I'm still not waddling much since baby is still as high as ever.  I don't think he's ever gonna drop! Most days I feel pretty good. But if I even think about getting out of bed, my feet start swelling.  My hands have started swelling a little and I've had to put away my wedding ring and get out my fake ring since last week.   I'm proud I've lasted this long though.  I remember it being a lot earlier when I was preggo w kb.  
I finally finished the nursery, although I still find the urge to go in there and straighten things and keep cleaning.  I'm not sure that i've actually started nesting yet, but a few weeks ago I had a breakdown at work b/c I felt like nothing was coming together and I wasn't ready for him at all.  Hospital bags are packed and were prepared to leave for the hospital whenever needed.  
We've been keeping track of everyone's guesses on his arrival.  My guess is Next Tuesday.  We'll see if I'm right. At least we know he'll be here in December.  My dr said he'll induce me Dec 20th so I can be home for Christmas.  But I'm not sure if I want to or not. I really don't think he'll make it that long, but I would rather him come naturally.  And I really want to avoid a Csection as much as possible!  After scrubbing in on them, I'd really rather to never have to go through all of the stretching and tearing and shifting of organs!!  
We were at the mall the other day after my dr appt and Kaylee Beth wanted to talk to Santa.  Since it was during the day, there were no kids in line and Santa came to talk to her.  She was scared to get close but talked from a distance.  When Santa asked what she wanted for christmas, she said "Bubba Riley!"  It was so cute!  She talks to my belly a lot and kisses it.  Today at lunch at a chinese rest she started lifting up my shrit to talk to him and kiss him and wouldn't let me put my shirt down.  Luckily there was only 1 other table and the workers there.  But still!! Even without stretch marks, I don't exactly want my belly showing in public! haha. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Been a long time...

It's been quite a while since I updated the blog.  Lots has been going on since then!  Yesterday I had my 28 week appointment and we did an elective 4d ultrasound to see our sweet boys face.  He didn't cooperate very well.  The right half of his face was covered by the placenta and the left half he kept his hands in front of.  So, the tech tried and tried but decided we'd try again in 2 weeks.  Hopefully then he'll give us a view.  We still think hes cute by the part we got to see!! Oh, and he is definitely still a boy! We got to see that in 3d as well! haha.  No mistaking it! We did find out that he is head down and in position for labor, although we hope he still waits a couple more months before he tries to get out!  Last month I had my 1 hour glucose tolerance test and passed it! Yay! So glad I don't have gestational diabetes to worry with!  I've been having more braxton hicks contractions that are a lot stronger than last time.  But my dr has assured me I had them last time, but just that I am more aware of them and can feel them more the second baby.  Apparently this increases with each pregnancy... something to look forward to I guess!  I've also been seeing floaters for a couple of months.  I've been trying to keep myself hydrated thinking its dehydration, but its hard to do working with different doctors every month and being forced to maintain their schedules.  My blood pressure has been perfect and no protein in my urine, which are the things you worry about when someone is seeing spots.  So I've just learned to deal with it.  Weight gain is great this time around! I'm up to 19 lbs at 28 weeks.  Still a little more than I'd like, haha, but much better than with KB!  And it seems to be mostly belly.  I still feel like I have some curve to my waist and dont feel like my behind or legs are massive this time.  And another plus, I'm still able to wear my wedding rings! :)  Last time I was wearing the fake ring by now!!
I've been working very hard to finish the nursery in my free time.   We finished painting the room and stripes.  Then I was able to sew the curtains and bed skirt.  I still need to sew the bumpers and diaper stacker along with painting the changing table.  
He is sadly still nameless.  Homer doesnt care for any of the names we have chosen.  "They don't stick out." I'm getting antsy about it and its all starting to stress me out! Hopefully well pick one out soon so I can relax.... and get to monogramming! haha
Homer and I are taking a 'babymoon' this time.  Since he was in Iraq last pregnancy, we didn't get a chance to go anywhere (I was too close to my due date once he returned to the states).  My family is going to tennessee in a couple of weeks for my cousins wedding. So Homer and I are hoping to rent a cabin in Gatlinburg and go 2 days early to spend time together, just the two of us.  Then my parents will bring KB up and we'll go to the wedding together.  
I'm still exercising throughout this pregnancy.  I am so excited that I got to go with a friend from high school last night to a zumba class!  It felt so wonderful to shake my bootay again! It had been prob 2 months since I last went to zumba at the Ymca.  We had planned on joining the Y but decided we'd just stick with the gym my dad has kept the family plan with since he's already paying for us to be members.  
Been having some feet swelling/pain, so I've invented in compression stockings (yes the ones that diabetics wear).  Since I'm on my feet all day, and being a med student, I'm usually the last person in the room that gets a chair.  So I needed something to keep my feet happy and smaller.  I've, sadly, also had to give up wearing sandals or heels to work. I've got my comfy danskos and am now able to pull out my boots.  

Friday, August 20, 2010

Growing belly, shrinking clothes

This has been my life since my last update.  Slowly, baby boy has been growing and stretching out my tummy.  Over this past week, he has really sprouted! So much that I am almost completely out of my prepreggo clothes and was forced to buy more maternity clothes.  Last time I wasn't working, and so my mat clothes are very casual.  Now that I am seeing patients and pretending to be a doctor (ha!), I have to try to look the part.  That was one thing I was not doing this past week!!  Today I wore a cute black dress and sat down to talk with my first patient and realized that my dress kept creeping up my leg and was quickly turning into a mini.  Yesterday wasn't much better.  I wore a prepreg outfit and after lunch had to unbutton my pants.  Wouldn't have been so bad but my normal shirts are getting short from going over the belly and so I had to keep tugging my shirt down so my belly or unbuttoned pants wouldn't show!  Not to mention I'm really enjoying my family medicine rotation and my end up applying here for residency, which looking like a hooch would not help me get into!  So today I was able to go to the galleria after work and get me some maternity clothes.  I feel so relieved now!
Baby boy still doesn't have a name.  It's been so hard for us to decide on something.  And plus, it's hard to get Homer to talk about the topic. Still not sure why he's really avoiding the subject...  But I have bought the fabric for the nursery.  It's maroon, green, orange, yellow, and animal print. I'm so excited to get to start sewing it together.   I hoping to make curtains this weekend. i'll let you know how that goes later.
Little man is really kicking now.  Homer, KB, and Nan have felt and seen him move.  A lot earlier than with KB.  Weight gain is much more under control this time around.  So far I've gained about 10 lbs and am over half way thru.  I'll be 22 weeks tomorrow! Yay!
KB is getting excited about being a big sister.  She likes getting Bubba's clothes out of his drawers and shopping for him at stores.  I think she'll be a great big sister!!  Speaking of big girl, she got moved into a toddler bed and we've got the crib in Bubbas room.  So it's starting to look more like a nursery.  Once I get some of the bedding done or room painted, I'll post some pictures.  Right now it still looks like a nursery/storage room. 
The only pictures ive taken lately are bare skinned belly pictures. So i'll try to get some normal ones soon to update yall.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's a....

We are so excited! We went there today and ended up waiting for quite a while for them to get an open machine.  There were 2 students doing the u/s today.  I guess they have to play "find the body part" once a week and find diff ones.  Today they found the lateral ventricle, cerebellum, 4 chambered heart, placenta, cervix, and kidneys.  The first girl was trying to determine the sex and couldn't do it b/c the baby was lying still and had its leg bones in the way.  The second girl couldn't see it either.  So one went to get an instructor to help them out.  She had me turn on my side to move him around and it worked. He opened his legs up and showed us his "turtle."  Girls are now hamburgers and boys are turtles. Haha.  We have a print out of a profile shot and his turtle.  Homer is SO excited!!  He wanted a little boy both times and especially after seeing how expensive a little girl is. haha.  I'll have an official scan at my dr in a week and a half, so we'll def make sure his turtle doesn't turn into a hamburger!  So i guess it's time to start thinking blue and picking out a name!!  :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's a ..... ??

We'll be answering this question in 2 days!!  I have my anatomy u/s scheduled at my ob/gyn for Monday July 26.  However, I have heard you can go to Virginia College and get the students to do a free u/s and you help them learn.  So, I called today and they can see me Thursday at 11:30.  I was hoping I could get it Friday and have some people over to reveal the sex, but with it being on Thursday, we may not have a big reveal.  Homer and I haven't really talked about it.  I actually haven't even seen him since 6:30 this morning.  I had to stay later at the clinic today (I was there from 7:30-6:00--so it was a long day!).  But so far I am enjoying the rotation.  It's ob/gyn and I absolutely love the ob part! I love taking care of pregnant women. I'm just iffy on going into the field b/c of the surgeries.  I went to one last week but had to sit down 2 times b/c I felt queasy. Everyone keeps reassuring me its prob cuz I'm preggo and that it does it to experienced people as well.  But we'll see.  I think I'll be going back in the OR tomorrow.  Hopefully I can stand the entire surgery! haha

I've been feeling the baby move more lately.  I tried to let Homer feel it last night, but it had decided to go back to sleep and he didn't feel anything.  I'm starting to show a little, but I still feel way smaller than the first time!   Which I guess is a good thing since I have to still work this time around.

We've started potty training KB and so far we haven't had a lot of success.  Although she did announce she needed to go poo poo and we made it to potty first!! YaY!  I'm sure she'll get better with time. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lots of Updates

We've been very busy these past few weeks!  I finished up at my school, passed everything, Yay (except it hasn't been long enough to get my board results back).  We moved back to Alabama and are almost unpacked.  There's still those random boxes that you don't really know what to do with that are still sitting around.  I'm dreading finishing those boxes!  I also havent hung any pictures or such--just the basics done.  We also went to the beach for a week.  It was so nice and relaxing being done with everything and being able to enjoy the pool and beach!  We were definitely sad to leave and come back to unpacking boxes!  This week has been spent unpacking and visiting with old friends I haven't seen in a while.  It's been really great seeing everyone!

I also had another check up.  It was with my Dr from when I had Kaylee Beth.  Not that my dr in missouri was bad, but it was nice being back with Dr. Robinett.  I knew the other doctor was temporary and so he never really felt like "my doctor."  haha It's kinda weird, I know, but my dr down here makes me feel so much more calm and relaxed.  The check up went well.  None of my records were received, so the nurse wanted to re-do my blood work and pap smear.  Luckily, Dr. R said just to keep calling them to see if we can get them.  Since it was my first time seeing them with this pregnancy, they scheduled me for an ultrasound.  It was wonderful seeing the baby! The lady got annoyed when I asked her to look between the legs.  The baby was asleep at first but she kept pressing on it and tapping it until the baby started getting annoyed at her.  It was kicking and swinging its arms and even arched its back at one time. Which I can understand it's pain b/c my uterus is still sore 2 days later b/c she was pressing so hard!! Hb was 154 bpm and so far everything looks great.  Dr was reassuring when he said that this baby is a keeper and we are past point of miscarriage.  I said he liked Christmas Day for a due date so we picked that.  He also said that way he can be sure to have me home by then.  So, I'm guessing he's planning on inducing the week before if the baby doesn't come before that.  KB came 2 weeks early, so I'm thinking this one will be too.  I talked him into letting me come back in 5 weeks instead of 4 so we can do the 20-wk scan at 18 weeks instead of 22.  So now only a little over 4 weeks to go and we'll know if it's a boy or girl!  My first rotation is with an ob/gyn, so I'm kinda hopin the sonogram techs offer to do an early gender det scan for me at work...  We'll see! :)
Speaking of, rotations start July 5.  I only have about another week to go before I start!  I can't believe it's almost time. I'm starting to get really nervous since it's been so long since I've been in the hosp, especially since I'm expected to know so much more this time around.  I'll also be able to see patients on my own and give my recommendations on treatment (of course the dr will get the final say and only do what he thinks, but I'll still have to tell him what I think).  I'm also nervous about how long the days will be.  I'm worried I won't have much time to spend with Kaylee Beth and that being pregnant, I'll be even more tired when I get home.  I'm also scared I'll have to work a lot of weekends.  Well see.  I just hate not knowing since every month is with a different doctor and their different schedules.  
Well, I'm about to start going through all of Kaylee Beth's baby things to see what can be saved if we have a girl.  Right now it's our "junk room" where everything she outgrew, we sent home with my mom and she just piled it in the room.  So wish me luck! I may not come back out alive!! :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Scan!!

We went this morning for our scan and everything is fine! When she first showed the baby, it was asleep and she was moving the scanner so I wasn't able to see the heart beating.  Finally we were able to see it and I let out a huge sigh of relief and started breathing again (didn't realize but I was holding my breath looking for the heartbeat).  It woke up for a few seconds and we got to see it kicking and doing somersaults.  Homer's sister, Eloree, went with us and they went and got her after she finished the scan.  Once Eloree got back to us, the baby had gone back to sleep. But she was so excited to get to see it.  She was shedding tears of joy because she knows how much we want this baby.  It was a wonderful start of the summer and I feel so much better now!  I had a cyst on both ovaries but the radiologist didn't mention them so I'm guessing they are normal.  I have a small subchrionic hemorrhage again, but he said not to worry about it and that it is very common. He said the only reason he even told me was so if I saw a small amount of dark blood not to call my dr b/c it was prob that.  I had one last time, but they don't think that was the cause of the miscarriage.  So I feel really good about telling everyone, so I'm planning on making an official facebook announcement later today.  Dr said our chances of miscarriage at this point are very low and it is in our favor now! :)  So happy to get a good report! 
Off to do more packing and a little studying later.  In a few days we'll be on the beach! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Poor Kaylee Beth

Yesterday I took my last final, so I met Homer, Kaylee Beth, my mom, and Homer's sister at the marine family day.  It was so hot! They ended up staying there for about 3 hours in the sun.  So on the ride home, KB threw up (remember this girl will throw up from crying too hard-so it doesnt always mean shes sick).  We figured it was from getting too hot and let her sleep it off.  Last night she refused to go to sleep and threw up again from crying when we told her it was bed time.
Today we decided to enjoy my free day and had planned a trip to the water park in Kansas City since we are moving and wouldn't get another chance to go.  So we kept reapplying sunscreen to her and she had a blast. Around lunch time she wanted to take a nap. She woke up a hour or so later and wanted to go back to sleep.  She's been sleeping on and off since then b/c shes exhausted and doesn't feel good.  She started throwing up more once we got home and hasn't been able to keep anything down tonight.  It probably has to do with the fact that we are packing up the entire apartment and she doesn't understand why.  Poor baby :(  I feel so bad for her.  We've been cuddling her and trying to help her feel better.  Hopefully she'll feel better in the morning!
Tomorrow is our ultrasound!  I called the insurance it they said they should cover it, so we're gonna go ahead and do it.  I'm anxious to see it and to know everything is OK.  Yesterday when I got home from my test, I went straight for my doppler.  And I think I actually found it this time!!  Homer listened with me and counted the hb to be around 160s (which would be about right).  Also when we were listening to it I was holding it still and it disappeared like the baby had moved.  So it made me feel a lot better hearing what we thought was the heartbeat!
My right inguinal lymph nodes were very swollen last night. They were about the size of grapes!  I had thought it was just the baby sitting on my right side of my uterus but when I started looking, I realized it was too far out to be part of my uterus.  I'm not sure why they got so big but it scared me.  I halfway did a lymphatic treatment we've learned at school and this morning they were a lot smaller.  I'm gonna ask tomorrow if they know why they may be swollen even though I'll just be seeing the ultrasound tech and radiologist.
I'll be sure to post about the ultrasound in the morning.  Hope everyone has a good night!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My stupidity paid off...

Well, a lot has happened since my last post.  Haha the whole situation makes me laugh... now. So I posted about how I heard the heartbeat and was super excited.  Well the next day I thought it would be neat to see if I heard another heartbeat on the other side.  And... I did!  My mom is up here and confirmed that they both were heartbeats.  So I called my dr and talked to the nurse.  She said my dr was headed out to his last surgery but that she would call me back tomorrow.  So that night, I thought I'd give it another listen.  It was then that I realized that if I followed the "heartbeats" out laterally, they became more regular and realized they were mine.  I was listening to my iliac arteries! So embarrassed, I left a message early the next morning for my nurse telling her not to worry that I was doing it wrong. Well she had called me back but I didn't notice until they had closed that afternoon.  She then called again the next day.  She said that my dr said it was really early to hear the hb anyway, but if i wanted to, I could schedule a formal ultrasound.  The only downside is that she doesnt know if my insurance will cover it.  He said he wants to check the viability of the baby due to my past miscarriage.  I'm not sure if Homer will go for it with the possibility that we may have to pay for it.  But I postposed the ultrasound til after my board exams, just in case we find out bad news. 
I took one of my exams on Tuesday and the other one is Saturday.  It feels so good to have one down.  It is supposed to be the harder one, so I haven't been studying as much these past few days.  I'll be excited when I get done with it all and can hang out on the beach next week! I'll post if we decide to do the ultrasound on Monday and if so def share the results if we do.  I'm getting nervous that we'll have a repeat since we're at about the same time frame that it all happened last time.  Please pray that the baby is ok.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heard the Heartbeat!!

Yesterday I got the AngelSound monitor I had ordered.  I bought a cheaper one ($25 instead of $60) that had good reviews on Amazon.  I was 9 wks 0 days yesterday, which is still early to hear it on even an expensive medical doppler.  Well, I tried yesterday afternoon with Kaylee Beth climbing all over me and couldn't find it.  I tried again when she went to school and found it! I was so excited!  It was really beating! But since we are to the point the last baby died, it really made me feel better to hear it beating away!  Then when my mom got back to the apartment, I found it again so she could hear it.  I was unsure if I should get one or not, but hearing it today makes it worth it!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dr Visit

Sorry I am just now posting about my check-up (a week late).  We went last Monday and had a good check-up.  I had gained about 3 lbs since I went back for my D&C checkup.  But that's expected since I've been pretty stressed and sitting on my butt a lot more studying.  But it's still not bad.  Def a lot better than when I was preggo w/ KB! Haha.  He did a bedside ultrasound, I guess to check and make sure everything was OK.  We got to see the heart beating. It was about 160 bpm and was wonderful to see.  I asked him if he could date the baby since I thought I ovulated late. And sure enough, I was 2 days later than scheduled. So now my due date is Dec 27.  It's getting closer to the new year. I think it would be neat for it to be born on 1/1/11!  But that would require me holding it in past 40 weeks... eek!  However, I have decided that I don't want to induce early unless my doctor needs me to, like if we think it's gonna be a huge baby!  I had planned it for KB so Homer could def be there, but that didn't work out.  She said she wanted to be here a week earlier than that.  And I actually am really glad she did.  It told me that she was ready to be out.  I believe they stay in for a reason and may have problems if we take them out early for our convenience. Anyway, I got side tracked.  The baby looks good and he just went through the normal preg info-exercise, food, meds.  The nurse did make a comment of "We didn't expect to see you back so soon." B/c they told us to wait 3 months before trying again.  My Dr in Alabama said 1 cycle so we went with him.  We said our goodbyes with the dr and nurse b/c my next appoitment is in alabama with dr. robinett.  It's so exciting to know where getting so close to moving back to our friends and family.  But it's also scary b/c that means that my boards are approaching.  Speaking of, my first one is one week from tomorrow!!! :(  Which reminds me, I'm supposed to be totally focused on studying for the next week.  So I had better get back to it. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is it me or everyone else??

Today, people have been testing my nerves.  I've had a pretty good day, considering most of the day was studying.  KB's new crib came in today.  Homer took down her crib and as we were taking the new one out of the box, we noticed that one of the legs was broken.  Homer called Amazon and asked them what we needed to do.  The lady said they would have to mail another crib and we will then take the piece we need out and put the broken one back in and mail it back.  Crazy huh??  Then she said it would be another week before we got it.  I was furious!  We had let her sleep in a recalled bed the past 8 days while we were waiting for that one to get here. Then after we already took hers apart, we find out they are going to make us wait another week to get one we can actually use!  I was so mad, so I called them back.  I explained about the recalled bed and how we already waited over a week and how I didn't know why we weren't given 2 day shipping since I know they offer it.  The guy did some clicking and finally said it would be here the day after tomorrow! Problem solved.
Tuesday night is family night at the ChickFilA here and we always go.  Kaylee Beth loves to play with the kids and we love the food. We get there early and get a table by the play area door so we can let KB in and out.  Well tonight, she was standing inside the door and a man went to get his daughter to go home.  She came out and he held the door for about 3 more seconds so he didn't smash KB's fingers. Well he sat her on the table behind us while he put her shoes on.  Then he proceeded to tell his daughter that he had to hold the door so he didn't smash the girls fingers.  Then he said "I don't know where her parents are but they are NOT doing a good job watching her." I wanted to turn around and let him have it! But I was trying to be a good person and hold my tongue.  I'm not sure exactly what we were doing wrong because his daughter was playing by herself in there just like Kaylee Beth was doing.  On top of that I wanted to ask him who was the bad parent, the ones who let their child play in the supervised area without her parents hoovering over her or the obese man teaching and allowing his 6 yo daughter to become overweight herself?  I mean who's calling the kettle black??  Anyway, I held my tongue and let him leave in peace thinking he was Daddy of the Year.
Then we went to WalMart to return the recalled crib. We had called last week and talked with someone from Walmart and they said it was fine and to bring it in.  Well the manager here was not nice.  She had an attitude with me before I even said anything.  It took her about a hour to look the model number up and said that it wasn't on her list.  I showed her the email from Toys R Us I had received and even on the CPSC website where it said all models with a metal mattress support are recalled.  She was not helpful at all, not to mention that my child was tired since she didn't get a nap at school today.  So then we went across the road to Target and after 20 minutes, I had a gift card for $265.  They had no problem finding it on the list and didn't treat me like an idiot.  This is yet another reason why I love Target!
So today has left me wondering if this is pregnancy mood swings or everyone else.  My first appointment is Monday.  I'm hoping I'll get an ultrasound, but I have a feeling he doesn't usually do one this early.  I don't know if I can go much longer without knowing if the baby is OK though.  All day, I'm wondering if it's ok, checking to see if I have symptoms, etc.  It's so nerve wracking not to know if everything is OK.  I just wish I had an ultrasound machine at home. lol

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Crib

Well, I finally sat down and went through a bunch of emails I had gotten over the past couple of days.  Ya know, the ones from Babies R Us to look at their coupons, ones from the bank, stuff like that.  I got to the one on crib recalls.  I wasn't sure why I saved it b/c I quickly looked at the picture when I got it and it wasn't hers. But I like to make sure on big things like that, so I saved it. Well I finally went through it and turns out KB's crib was one of the ones that were recalled.  Apparently the metal bars that hold the mattress up break and so "down comes baby, cradle and all."  One kid got stuck under the mattress when it fell and died. I think it was 15 others that had broken with a baby in it but they were minor injuries.  So, today I've been researching cribs and deciding what we want to do.  She's about to be 2 and could essentially move up to a toddler bed any time now. But Mama and Da aren't sure that we're ready for her to come into our room 3 times a night just yet.  I still have to study a lot the next month to get ready for my boards and being 6 weeks pregnant, I need my sleep between the 2 of those!  Since we are moving in a month, I want her to be used to her new bed so when we move back to Alabama, it'll be "her bed" and will be comforting in all of the big changes goin on.  My grandmother gave me a nice crib for the last baby for us to borrow.  She used it on my cousins when they were little.  However, the older one is around 10 now.  So realizing that KB's crib is being recalled and I still consider it new (2 yrs old), I'd hate to use a 10 yr old one for my newborn!  So, we're gonna get KB a toddler bed around Oct/Nov so she can get used to it before the baby comes, and give the baby the new crib so we'll be sure theres no recalls on it.

Walmart said they'll pretty much give us cash for her bed (about $230), but the one I want isn't in stores anywhere.  So, now we have to deal with what to do about shipping time.  I think we're gonna take our chances in the recalled bed for the next week until the new one comes in (it hasn't shown any signs of breaking thus far).  This is a pic of the bed we ordered:
I really love the espresso beds and didn't consider white with KB's first one. But the furniture we already have for the nursery (mine when I was in high school) is white.  So I thought, why not use that and get the crib to match.  The more I've been looking at them, the more I like it.  It's so clean and crisp.  I think it'll look real good if we add paint on the nursery walls.  So I'm getting really excited about the nursery and the baby.  Speaking of, we've been talking about names.  As you all know, Homer's first name is Sidney and he wants to pass it on to his son (His dad's name is also Sidney-so he says its a tradition).  And also, as you know, I'm against it.  So, I've been throwing out the idea of Sidney being the middle name.  The problem we've come across is that we've heard it as Sidney Homer for so long, that it doesn't have the same ring as a middle name.  So the name will take some time if it's a boy!  I was trying not to get as excited about the baby so I wouldn't be as hurt if we lost it again.  But I talked with my friend Brittany last week and she said "You're gonna be upset if you lose it either way, so you might as well get excited and enjoy it."  And the more I thought about it, she was right.  So I started looking at names and here we are forced to buy another crib.  Funny how things work out.  (Now we're gonna have a crib that matches the furniture and won't have teeth marks all over it like her old one!)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Everything happens for a reason...

So, I said that I've been worried about this pregnancy, and that part hasn't changed!  I still haven't had sore boobs, nor have they grown even a smidge :(  I find myself waking up in the middle of the night, just hoping they'll be sore. But so far, no luck.  (I know it's weird that I'm upset I don't have it, but I'd really love some more reassurance!)  So in hopes of calming my nerves, I took another pregnancy test.  It was positive! Yay! But it was my last one, and I'm pretty sure Homer will think I'm crazy if I go buy more at this point, not to mention be mad that I wasted $15 on it! I know not every pregnancy is the same and I won't have the same symptoms each time (I didn't have nausea w/ KB but had lots with #2).  But It still worries me when I don't get symptoms I've had before.  Even knowing this, I've wanted to call the nurse just to hear her say this is normal.  So, during one of the many trips to the bathroom, I just sat there and thought.  And it suddenly occurred to me why God sent me that little baby, just to have it taken away so soon.  With my first pregnancy, I didn't worry about things.  My doctor told me to stop reading thing and to "just have a baby." So, that's what I did.  I ate pretty much anything (and with her I ate everything-lol) and didn't stress about using a heating pad or drinking a can of diet coke.  But after having a missed abortion, I have been focusing on these things.  As a doctor, it is important for me to know why women are calling all the time and coming in for "meaningless visits about the smallest things."  I could see how this would be frustrating for a doctor to have to answer every little question for a pregnant women.  But having gone through it, I completely understand why women stress about every little thing their body is doing, or in my case, not doing.  I really think this will help me to become a better doctor, especially since I am interested in OB/GYN.  I am in no way glad I went through the experience, but I glad however that God was able to use it and teach me a valuable lesson and now I can use it to help others.  God is so amazing! 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Another week down

Tomorrow is 5 weeks.  I haven't been having many symptoms so far.  I've been having to pee a little more and been a little more tired.  But that's pretty much it.  After having a miscarriage last time, I almost wish I had more symptoms just so I would know everything is OK.  I've been worried about losing this baby.  But I know there is no good in worrying, so I try to keep my mind off of it. 
Kaylee Beth got sick from a girl in her class.  She started feeling bad at the end of the day yesterday and when we picked her up from daycare, she slowly walked over to me (instead of running and squealing) and when I picked her up, she immediately put her head down on my shoulder.  We didn't even make it home without her throwing up.  She felt so bad that she fell asleep in my lap at 7:30! We've been lucky to get her asleep by 9 these days!  Today we took her to the doctor and turns out she has strep throat.  Her fever keeps coming and going and gets up to 102!  And the worst part is that she's fighting us with taking her medicine.  So we can't keep her fever down because she won't take Tylenol and we won't be able to get rid of the strep throat soon b/c she won't take the antibiotics either.  Why don't we force her to take it, you say? This kid has the most sensitive gag reflex ever! She throws up if she starts crying too hard!! So, we've learned, after many back fires, that we can't try to squirt some in her mouth without her knowing.  So... we may be battling strep throat for a while!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Round #3

So, I've been debating on whether or not to post about this one.  BUT.... I'M PREGNANT AGAIN!!  We are so excited! But as you can imagine, I'm super scared and nervous about this one after what happened last time.  I had a positive test last week and went to the doctor for an "official" urine pregnancy test done today.  So based on my last menstrual period, my due date is December 25. If everything goes well this time, this baby will definitely be a Christmas Miracle!  (I'm not really positive that this is my real due date b/c I think my period was prob irregular after coming off of a miscarriage, but I like the idea of Christmas Day).  I wasn't sure if I should announce it just yet, since I'm only 4 weeks along.  But I don't see a miscarriage as something to be ashamed of.  If you don't tell anyone you're pregnant in the first place, you won't have anyone there to help you through if something were to happen.  Please pray for a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.  I've already noticed some symptoms starting.  I hope this doesn't mean it's gonna be a long 1st trimester!!  The past couple of nights I've been waking up to pee and I've already been hit with exhaustion.  Luckily, no nausea just yet, and just maybe, it won't be coming this time!  My doctor appointment is in exactly 4 weeks.  I'll be keeping everyone posted on the pregnancy.  Yay!!  :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trying again?

Well, I haven't had much to update since the last post.  We've just been busy with life I guess.  I've been studying for classes and trying to squeeze in studying for boards in between.  And, of course, I've been making time to do fun stuff with Kaylee Beth!  She's growing up so fast.  We've been working on learning colors and today and did wonderful at pointing to the colors.  She's also doing a lot more on her own now.  Oh, and did I mention that she loves jewelry and shoes??  I think Dada is gonna be in trouble with this one!  
I've gotten a few doctor's opinions on when to try again for another baby, and most seem to agree with after the first period.  So... I started over a week ago and am getting close to ovulation. We've been thinking and praying about the situation a lot lately.  Homer and I aren't sure if God was trying to tell us now isn't the time for a new baby or just wanted us to go through the situation.  We had a sermon in church a couple of weeks ago that struck me.  It was about living God's plan for your life, not trying to fit God into your plan.  It made me step back and assess the situation.  I definitely have a strong desire to be pregnant and have another baby, but I've been struggling with where the desire is coming from...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Recovering from Surgery

I had my surgery this morning. It went well.  Homer got my meds, some lunch, and brought me home so he could go to his last classes today.  I feel bad b/c he missed Monday and Tuesday so he could stay w/ me since I was a wreck.  I dropped Kaylee Beth off at daycare yesterday morning.  We were 1 1/2 later than usual since I didn't have anywhere to be and was moving slow all morning.  I kept getting teary-eyed while I was getting her ready. So she took my hands and started walking in a circle singing, "Ashes, Ashes." (this is her version of ring around the rosy. It makes her happy, so she must have thought it would cheer mommy up too!) It was so cute that I started crying more.  Well once at daycare, her teacher asked if everything was alright. So... I broke down! So in a room full of toddlers, the adult is the one crying.  The other teachers walked in mid-breakdown and were really wondering what was going on.  So, this is the reason Homer missed classes yesterday lol.
Last night we visited with our neighbor to ask her if something happens if she could get KB.  We found out that she had been fired from her job a couple of days ago and has decided she's moving back to Florida, where shes from.  I'm not sure if it was hearing her problems, or watching how excited and happy Kaylee Beth was to play with her and her dog, but once we got home, I felt much more at ease with the whole situation.  She reminded me that I can find the positive in any situation.  She had just gotten fired from her job she had been at for 7 years, but could only focus on the fact that she finally had a reason to move back home.  I got teary a couple more times, but not a break down.  So this morning, I was able to make it through everything without tears. 
I know God has a plan for us, and it may not turn out to match what we think the plan should be.  He's given me more time to get adjusted to the move back home and to working in the hospital so I can learn as much as I can.  He's also given us more time to enjoy Kaylee Beth and spend quality time with her.  A mother never wants to lose a baby, but I know He knows what he's doing and I put all of my trust in him.
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers through this difficult time! 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bye Bye Little One

Today is a very sad day :(  It didn't start off this way though. KB and I had a very good morning, listening to music while we're getting ready.  She even wanted me to hold her and cuddle for a good 5 minutes before we left the house.  After dropping her off at daycare, I headed to McDonalds to study before my OB appointment.  After waiting for 40 minutes in the waiting room, I was called back for my check up.  The dr started listening for the heartbeat and had trouble with the doppler so he had the nurse bring in the portable ultrasound machine. He was blocking the view but neither he nor the nurse said a word during it.  Then he put it away and said he wanted me to get a real ultrasound at the imaging center.  He said some women aren't able to hear a heartbeat on the doppler until about 12 or 13 weeks and because I emptied my bladder when I got there, that it was hard to find my uterus.  I asked him if he thought something was wrong and he said there was no reason to think that since I haven't had any bleeding or cramps. So they sent me straight there... I knew they had to be worried b/c they didn't schedule me an appointment, they just worked me in.  I called Homer and told him to meet me there because I was afraid something was wrong. Once we got back to the room, she did it on the belly and said she couldn't see as well and needed to do an intravaginal ultrasound.  Then she clicked and probed for a few minutes and said, "we have 3 ways to check the fetal heartbeat (and explained them all). But we're not showing one in any of them."  She said the baby had stopped receiving blood and it's heart had stopped. It had also stopped growing since the last ultrasound.  At this point, I started crying and I'm not sure what else she said.  We talked to a few more people and were sent back to my dr's office.  He said it's called a "missed abortion." Where more than likely the baby had a genetic or chromosomal defect that would not have survived.  My body still thinks its pregnant, which technically it is.  He said that 1 out of 5 new patients will have a miscarriage and that most women will if they undergo enough pregnancies.  Since we had a successful pregnancy in the past, he does not feel that our chances of having another are any less than before.  But it doesn't make the emotional pain any less.  I set up surgery for Wednesday when he'll do a D&C to clean out my uterus.  I hate having to go on with my life the next few days knowing I'm carrying my lifeless baby.  I have exams for the next 3 days. Today was supposed to be a big cram-session, but I've spent it going back and forth from drs and going by my school to turn in my excuse for wed and thurs.  I'm waiting to hear back on when I need to make them up and if I need to plan on taking the one tomorrow or not. But it's so hard to concentrate! All I want to do is go get Kaylee Beth from day care and hold her. 

Even though my baby was only with us for 11 weeks, we have all grown attached to it, and I already miss it! I may never know the sex of my little baby, but it'll always be with me...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

It has been another busy week here.  I've been trying to study more these days because exams start Tuesday.  After my last exam on Thursday, I have to get home and pack because Kaylee Beth and I are going to Birmingham for my spring break.  Homer still has work and school, so we're going without him.  My parents are super excited about seeing KB!  And we may even get to see Homer's family, too! It'll be a nice break from class, but I'll have to hit the books hard to study for the boards.  
Pregnancy symptoms seem to have eased up a little.  I didn't take my nausea medicine last night and I didn't have any nausea this morning. So maybe I'm done with it!  Hopefully it won't come back.  I still have my super smell though. Last week I opened the door to our classroom, it's a huge room for all 275 students, and I could smell someone's garlic breath! I smelled it the entire first lecture! I wonder how much garlic someone must consume to be able to smell it from that far! I'm sure they were embarrassed if they ever figured out how bad they smelled!!  
Kaylee Beth had her class V'Day party Friday. She was so calm and patient waiting for the teachers to pass out the snacks. She didn't try to stand in her chair, climb on the table, or eat anyone elses food like the other kids. She was perfect!  We couldn't believe it! This is def NOT the case at home. We constantly have to get her off the table or tell her to sit down and the big one is "Don't throw your food!"  But at school she's an angel.  Wish I had taken my camera to get pictures! She seemed to enjoy passing out valentine cards to her friends and I'm glad we were able to go.
We actually celebrated Valentines day while she was in school Friday, before the party.  After my classes, we went to the movie theater and watched Valentines Day. It was a great movie! It is like Love Actually, and we both really enjoyed it. Then we went to lunch, then to KB's party.  It wasn't much of a celebration, but it was enough alone time to be enjoyable!  
I have my 2nd ob appointment tomorrow morning. Hopefully we'll get to hear the heartbeat.  I'm ready to find out what it is so I can start planning everything.  I also wish I had a sewing machine so I could sew KB some dresses and then sew the baby's bedding once I find out if it's a he or a she. Hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


So this weekend Homer is doing the Marines, so it's just me and KB.  She let me sleep til 830!  But I haven't felt quite right since I woke up.  I feel like I'm starting to get a cold and I've had a headache all day.  I took her this morning to play in the indoor play area at a shopping mall down the road. She played for almost 2 hrs!! Then we came back for lunch. She would not take a nap. She fought it for over a hour! One time she was calling me and when I went in her room she had her hands stretched towards me saying "ewwie."  Turns out she had gone poopoo and somehow got it out of her diaper. It was in her bed and both hands! So after cleaning it up, I put her back in there with a book and went to lie down myself.  Soon she finally fell asleep... and so did I.  Except after the nap, my headache got worse! looks like I'll be taking tylenol in a minute.  Not sure what we're doing for supper tonight. But I'm already starving and Homer's not answering.  Looks like it may be a take-out night... Mama just doesn't feel like cooking

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Week

We've been keeping busy this past week.  Let's see, since I last posted, Kaylee Beth has done many new things.  She has added some new words to her vocabulary, including 'zza' for pizza, elbow, 'ights' (lights), along with some others. She also has a new favorite game... Ring around the rosies.  She even joins in on "ashes, ashes."  And tonight after Da turned off the TV because Strawberry Shortcake was over and she stood on her on her potty/stool and turned it back on.  She's also learning to throw big fits to try to get what she wants.  So now, we've started ignoring her and carrying on with what we were doing until she stops and can calmly tell us what she wants.  She also has pee peed in her potty once and poo pooed once. She gets a dum dum and gets so excited about it. But I know we are still very far from being potty trained!
Along with her achievements, we noticed a rash on her last Wednesday.  It would occur in patches on diff body parts, and a couple of hours later would move to other places on her body.  We found out it was hives.  So then we had to go back and think of what she had eaten 3 days before.  We think it's either the paprika chicken we had for dinner or oreos. So we'll be having a taste test in a week or two. As of now, we're avoiding choc in case.  I've been busy teaching Kaylee Beth about the growing baby inside of mommy's tummy.  I'll ask her who the big sister is and she'll point to herself.  Then when I ask where the baby is, she'll point to my tummy.  So maybe she'll understand before the baby comes.
The little one has been growing quietly.  I tried to decrease my nausea meds, but the next morning I was sick and waited to eat breakfast. Luckily, it only lasted til about 8 instead of 11 or 12. So I've decided to keep taking the normal dose for now.  I've been taking weekly pictures to document its growth. It hasn't looked different until today. When I went to zumba tonight, I noticed my belly was sticking out a little more.  So I'm thinking my weak belly muscles are giving in to my grapefruit-sized uterus.  My mom is getting antsy about setting up the nursery (since we'll be moving into their house this summer, she sees it everyday and is waiting for he/she to get here).  She's determined it's a he and refers to "him" quite a bit. 

These are a few pictures we've taken over the past few weeks.  The 1st is her sliding, she saw the big kids go down head first. The next one is her shopping with her shopping cart at Target.  The next was playing at Wonderscope in the water room. If you can't tell what she's got on her neck in the next one, I'll tell you, it's my panties!! And the last one is when we took her sledding. We finally got rid of all of the snow and now it's supposed to start snowing tomorrow for the next 4 days! Boo!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So I started getting into cutting coupons in Dec and started watching prices to get the best deals and stocking up before we need it.  It seems to have paid off so far.  I'm keeping an excel spread sheet of my spending and savings.  Since the beginning of Jan, I've spent $346 and saved $316 (That's 45%!!).  And this includes our HUGE restocking trip we took to Walmart when we came back from the holidays and had an empty fridge.  I didn't have much time to search for the best deals and price match, so we didn't save much.  I'm pretty sure I have thrown a couple of receipts away when we go to buy milk and a few things for supper. But I've noticed that I get pretty angry when we're running errands and Homer says "Lets go get some food for the week" and I have no sales papers, no time to research, and we end up spending more than we should for things. Haha.  Before we would be out and realize KB needed some more diapers and end up spending the reg price and maybe using a coupon if I happened to have one in my wallet.  Now I keep my coupon binder in my car so I have it for any unplanned shopping trips. 

So since I've started, I've been buying things we use, but don't need at the time.  Now that we're building up stock, Homer's starting to get a little concerned since we are in a tiny apartment.  And I'm afraid it'll be even worse by the end of the week b/c I'm planning on buying about 20 packs of diapers for KB and the new baby (20 total, not 20 each).  I actually ordered coupons from ebay. This was my first time, and I'm worried they wont get here in time to use them for the good target deal before it ends. They were mailed yesterday, so I should be good :).  I'll end up getting the diapers for $3.33 a pack! (usually $11, $9 if they are on sale).  So I'd say cutting coupons is worth it.  If you're still not a believer yet, listen to my great deals from tonight....
We got 6-12 packs of Pepsi for $10 (after $10 extra bucks).  I used the rest of a $25 gift card I got for filling my new prescription there, so it actually cost me $7 at the store, and I got $10 back. PLUS, Pepsi has a rebate for the super bowl, so I'll be getting $7.50 back in the mail.  So really, I got paid to take them (and Homer was out of drinks and kept trying to buy Cokes that weren't on sale).  Then I used my $10 reward bucks and bought the milk we came to get, along w/ a few other things.
Got 3 packs of Huggies diapers for FREE!!  Had some great coupons and $5 reward bucks.
 We were going out cuz KB was out of milk, and look at what we got!! :) haha

Anyway, there isnt much to update on the pregnancy.  I've been more cautious when working out after finding out about the blood next to the sac. I've been staying away from jumping and keeping one foot on the ground like my dr suggested.  I have not had any more nausea since I started my meds.  I take it at night, and it's still hard to get going in the morning because i'm still sleepy from the meds.  I have noticed that I've been waking up more during the night to pee.  I've also noticed I'm getting more bloated. I've had to use my belly band a couple of times and wear my pants unbuttoned.  I also called my OB in birmingham to let him know I'd be coming down there and he'd have to catch my baby.  But I think the nurse was a little hesitant to tell him just yet since I'm not out of the 1st trimester yet and still have the possibility of miscarriage.  But keep praying that the little bean will hang in there and make it through. 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

1st Appointment

Today was my 1st dr appointment.  It went well.  I had my exams and such and everything was looking good. So far I have lost a 1/2 a lb (compared to the scale at my parents house). Could be just a difference in scales, or it could be the fact that I don't enjoy food these days, either way, I see it as an improvement from last time.  He reminded me that no matter what family tells you, you dont need to eat for 2! ha. but I was surprised to learn that a preggo woman only needs about 2000 cal/day.  I mean I knew we only needed about 300 cal more, but didnt realize it was only 2000.  He wrote me a RX for a nausea medicine. So hopefully it will go away in a couple of days! I'm really excited about this!!  Since I came off birth control and got preg right away, he wanted me to get an ultrasound to determine the date since it can vary w/ birth control.  So I went to another place (new for me cuz last time it was in his office) and got it done this afternoon.  I got to see the little baby. It's heartrate was 180! But the tech said it was good for 8 weeks.  It has small limb buds but is pretty much still a big smudge.  But it was great to see it... and to only see one!! Such a relief!!  The radiologist met with me to go over the US and said there was a small amount of blood next to the sac.  He asked if I had it in my other preg (which they never mentioned to me before). But then said it prob will be fine and having a heart beat was a great sign and since I haven't had any bleeding or cramping it should be fine.  He said many women with it go on to have their babies with no problems and not to worry.  I don't know anything about this (our reproduction section starts in March) so I'm kinda worried. Hopefully it'll resolve soon and everything will be fine.  My dates were right and the baby is 8 wks 0 days, putting he/she due Sept 2. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stuck in bed...

Yesterday was awful for me!  I had the day off from school and had planned to catch up on the studying I didn't do last week and the weekend.  So when Kaylee Beth woke up, I started getting her ready to go to school. Well, I had the usual nausea, only it seemed to be a lot worse than usual.  I usually can force myself to eat breakfast and by 9 or 10 it is a lot better. But I felt so bad that I was afraid to put anything in my mouth and had to leave her in her high chair alone so I could avoid the smells of her cheerios (yes, I realize they don't even really smell!--my pregnant nose can smell dirty diapers in the next room before she's even done, and not to mention the unique urine smell shower water has taken on...) Anyway, I finally got her ready and out the door. As soon as I got home, I laid back on the couch (I was still sleeping on the couch in hopes to not catch Homer's virus).  Homer came home after work and changed the sheets on our bed so I could sleep in there.  I woke up every hour or so still with nausea.  After 6 hours of constant nausea, I had Homer call my dr to see what I could take. They said I could take vitamin B6 and Unisom (it's a sleeping med--not really sure how it helps w/ nausea). But as soon as I swallowed the unisom, I felt it coming back.  Luckily throwing up wasn't too bad since all I had on my stomach was water and ginger ale.   After sleeping some more I finally felt like eating a little at about 5 pm. 

After lying in bed all day, it made it all better when I played with KB in her room that night.  After I changed her diaper, she picked up her baby doll and laid her on her tummy.  She moved her up and down saying "up....down" and then laugh and did it over and over.  Then she sat her baby up and started "reading" her a book.  I teared up (I'm already emotional!) thinking that she's doing to her baby what we do with her.  I smiled realizing it could be worse... she could be telling her baby "no" and pointing her finger at her!  So after a hard day of lying in bed (and crying b/c "I missed Kaylee Beth" cuz she was at school), I realized that Homer and I seem to be doing alright with the whole parenting thing.  Which is a very good thing since we're working on baby #2.... or #3 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let the cravings begin...

This week has been a little harder.  I've had nausea almost every morning from the time I wake up til about 10 or 11 in the morning.  I've been forcing myself to eat something hoping that it will make me feel better.  I have found that suckers seem to help and so I bought a pack of dum dums to stick in my bag for class.  

This weekend has been especially rough.  We go out to dinner every Friday night. And this whole week I have been looking forward to going to get a philly cheesesteak and fries. Well, it wasn't as good as I made it out to be in my head. And it was actually WAY greesy and left me feeling gross all night. We did get to make it to Walgreens and the groc store to pick up some bargins! Kaylee Beth got a metal toy shopping cart for christmas from Gran and we've been taking it in the groc store to keep her entertained while we shop.  Everyone stops and comments on her pushing the cart. At least it keeps her quiet and we dont have to hear people mumbling something about "the screaming child," which is usually how groc shopping goes.  Then we also went to Target to hit up their 75% off toy section for christmas next year (a little early, I know. But this year I spend my last few weeks before Christmas racking my brain to think of things to get people and then fighting the crowds to get it).  Anyway, so Sat morning we headed to the gym for a work out. Then after lunch, Homer said he didn't feel good. Then after trying to sleep and running to the bathroom, he threw up.  So needless to say I had to take care of him and KB all day. There went my hopes of catching up on studying.  To try and keep me and the babies from getting the virus, I slept on the couch.  Did I mention that I don't sleep well if I'm not in a bed?  Today he was better but I was completely exhausted. I remember fading in and out this morning while KB was doing puzzles and playing.  Then I slept through her nap time as well! Once we finally got going today, we went shopping. Homer asked me if I wanted to go to gymboree (one of my fav places to shop for kb!) and I said NO! I never turn down shopping, especially if he ASKS me if I want to go there! I'm telling you, this pregnancy is really wearing me out!  I can barely walk 10 ft carrying her now, and so it seems she only wants to be carried.

We had thought about keeping Kaylee Beth out of day care tomorrow to take her to this indoor play place (you know, to celebrate the birthday, of course haha). It has lots of diff themed play rooms.  We took her there last year and she really enjoyed it.  But we decided we would take her there next weekend instead and use tomorrow while she's gone to do the studying we didn't get to this weekend.  

Thursday is my first dr appt. I'm super excited b/c we'll be getting an ultrasound. Since I haven't seen what's going on in there yet, I've been really nervous it's twins!  So this will either calm my nerves or give me another reason to worry! More to come after the appointment. 

Earlier this week, I was really in the mood for cake. Then it turned into cheesecake. So the 3 of us headed to the groc store one night to get some.  (turned out it they didnt have what i wanted and it wasn't very satisfying)  Then tonight I was really craving some french fries, only I didn't know what kind I wanted. We drove around the mall looking at all of the restaurants while I thought about their fries. We drove past an Arby's, and after turning around a couple of time, finally made it. Their homestyle fries seemed to be the right choice.  Only to find out that they don't serve them anymore! The curly fries were OK, but it wasn't what I was expecting and just made me feel like a cow afterward.  Hopefully I'll start craving something healthy next, like green beans or broccoli. haha I can hope!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Wave of Exhaustion

This weekend Homer had his monthly reserves duties, so he was gone all Saturday and most of Sunday.  So it was just me and Kaylee Beth.  This weekend was supposed to be dedicated to studying for boards, but being an curious 19 month old, KB did not let me achieve any of this!  Luckily, she slept in to 8:30 both mornings. However, after being up for a hour, I was ready to go back to sleep.  This pregnancy has definitely made me more exhausted. Maybe it is because the first time, my only responsibility was making a baby.  Or maybe it's because this time I have a toddler, hubby, and medical school.  Whatever the cause, I took advantage of her 2 hour naps and got one myself! This past week I've had to get a 2 hour nap most days.  Today was the start of a new section in school and I was worried about being tired since we had class from 8-3. Surprisingly, I wasn't even tired today.
That reminds me, I have successfully cut out all caffeine!  I'm proud of this fact b/c I seem to have been addicted to it for years.  It was hard to fight the temptation today b/c we had lunch provided for us and the bin of diet cokes were calling out to me. But I held strong as the only med student to grab a sprite! haha
This morning I woke up with a sick feeling, but made myself eat some cereal anyway.  Kaylee Beth had syrup this morning and loves to drink from my new waterbottle. So all day long I smelled syrup when I drank my water.  That sure kept the sick feeling around! The smell of syrup all day long makes me sick when I'm not pregnant! Yuck!
Here in Kansas City, it has snowed for a couple of weeks.  Today we had a warm spell and the high reached freezing!  Yesterday we were able to take KB out sledding at our apartments.  She had a lot of fun being carried up the hill by Homer and being pulled down.   With the weather keeping us inside, she's kept busy with her puzzles, books, and bossing us around!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby #2

It's the start of a new year, and the start of a new family member! As crazy as it may seem, we decided to expand our family again, despite our adventurous 19 month old, medical school, and Homer getting his undergrad degree. We both always wanted our children to be close in age (not quite as close and Homer's siblings--a yr apart each!! Yikes!!), but close enough to where they are friends and not just siblings. Once we got the news that I would be in Birmingham for my 3rd year clinical rotations, we decided it was time for a new addition to the family. I had read "How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby" by Dr. Shettles, and though we didn't take 3-4 months like he suggests to understand the cycle, we used his methods for a boy. So we'll see how that pans out in a couple of months, I guess.

Homer and my mom are both hoping for a boy. I on the other hand would like either. I would love a boy since we had a girl the first time. But I'd also love a girl b/c I LOVE dressing Kaylee Beth up in dresses and bows (& my fav color is pink-haha).

We found out a couple of days before Christmas that we were expecting again. I should be due around Sept 2, and I am almost 6 weeks right now. My friend Brittany started an embroidery business ( and made Kaylee Beth a "Big Sister" shirt. So she was the one that told our family and friends. Our family was so surprised and excited. It was so much fun telling everyone, even though we pretty much had to tell most of them to read her shirt. So far, I have felt great. I've had a couple of days of exhaustion and yesterday I just felt "yucky" but I feel very lucky that that is all I've had so far. Some days I've wondered if I read the preg test wrong b/c I've felt so good.

Since I've been having to go to the restroom so frequently this time, I didn't think it was fair that Homer got to just sit on the couch a relax when I had to keep getting up every 15 mins. So, I've decided that he has to at least stand up every time I have to go. Haha, he's such a good sport. I just had to smile when I stood up last night, turned at looked at him, and he hopped up too!

I'm determined not to blow up like I did when I was pregnant with Kaylee Beth! Over the past year, Homer and I have been hitting the gym pretty regularly. A lot of the information on exercise in pregnancy says not to get your heart beat over 140/150. Which for me, is like I'm not really even exercising. My advisor at my school does research on preg women and exercise so I decided to ask her. She says research shows that you can work out at the same intensity and same duration as before you were pregnant. You just still need to listen to your body and stop when you are overdoing it. She's getting me a couple of medical articles to read on the subject, but I am very glad to know that it will not only not harm my baby but will also be good for it! So with that, I'm headed to the gym since I have the morning free today.