Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's a....

We are so excited! We went there today and ended up waiting for quite a while for them to get an open machine.  There were 2 students doing the u/s today.  I guess they have to play "find the body part" once a week and find diff ones.  Today they found the lateral ventricle, cerebellum, 4 chambered heart, placenta, cervix, and kidneys.  The first girl was trying to determine the sex and couldn't do it b/c the baby was lying still and had its leg bones in the way.  The second girl couldn't see it either.  So one went to get an instructor to help them out.  She had me turn on my side to move him around and it worked. He opened his legs up and showed us his "turtle."  Girls are now hamburgers and boys are turtles. Haha.  We have a print out of a profile shot and his turtle.  Homer is SO excited!!  He wanted a little boy both times and especially after seeing how expensive a little girl is. haha.  I'll have an official scan at my dr in a week and a half, so we'll def make sure his turtle doesn't turn into a hamburger!  So i guess it's time to start thinking blue and picking out a name!!  :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's a ..... ??

We'll be answering this question in 2 days!!  I have my anatomy u/s scheduled at my ob/gyn for Monday July 26.  However, I have heard you can go to Virginia College and get the students to do a free u/s and you help them learn.  So, I called today and they can see me Thursday at 11:30.  I was hoping I could get it Friday and have some people over to reveal the sex, but with it being on Thursday, we may not have a big reveal.  Homer and I haven't really talked about it.  I actually haven't even seen him since 6:30 this morning.  I had to stay later at the clinic today (I was there from 7:30-6:00--so it was a long day!).  But so far I am enjoying the rotation.  It's ob/gyn and I absolutely love the ob part! I love taking care of pregnant women. I'm just iffy on going into the field b/c of the surgeries.  I went to one last week but had to sit down 2 times b/c I felt queasy. Everyone keeps reassuring me its prob cuz I'm preggo and that it does it to experienced people as well.  But we'll see.  I think I'll be going back in the OR tomorrow.  Hopefully I can stand the entire surgery! haha

I've been feeling the baby move more lately.  I tried to let Homer feel it last night, but it had decided to go back to sleep and he didn't feel anything.  I'm starting to show a little, but I still feel way smaller than the first time!   Which I guess is a good thing since I have to still work this time around.

We've started potty training KB and so far we haven't had a lot of success.  Although she did announce she needed to go poo poo and we made it to potty first!! YaY!  I'm sure she'll get better with time.