Thursday, January 21, 2010

1st Appointment

Today was my 1st dr appointment.  It went well.  I had my exams and such and everything was looking good. So far I have lost a 1/2 a lb (compared to the scale at my parents house). Could be just a difference in scales, or it could be the fact that I don't enjoy food these days, either way, I see it as an improvement from last time.  He reminded me that no matter what family tells you, you dont need to eat for 2! ha. but I was surprised to learn that a preggo woman only needs about 2000 cal/day.  I mean I knew we only needed about 300 cal more, but didnt realize it was only 2000.  He wrote me a RX for a nausea medicine. So hopefully it will go away in a couple of days! I'm really excited about this!!  Since I came off birth control and got preg right away, he wanted me to get an ultrasound to determine the date since it can vary w/ birth control.  So I went to another place (new for me cuz last time it was in his office) and got it done this afternoon.  I got to see the little baby. It's heartrate was 180! But the tech said it was good for 8 weeks.  It has small limb buds but is pretty much still a big smudge.  But it was great to see it... and to only see one!! Such a relief!!  The radiologist met with me to go over the US and said there was a small amount of blood next to the sac.  He asked if I had it in my other preg (which they never mentioned to me before). But then said it prob will be fine and having a heart beat was a great sign and since I haven't had any bleeding or cramping it should be fine.  He said many women with it go on to have their babies with no problems and not to worry.  I don't know anything about this (our reproduction section starts in March) so I'm kinda worried. Hopefully it'll resolve soon and everything will be fine.  My dates were right and the baby is 8 wks 0 days, putting he/she due Sept 2. 

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