Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Riley Sidney is here!!

He finally made his debut and I'm in love!!  We are at the hospital (day 2) and will be discharged later this afternoon.
Had induction scheduled for Monday, told to arrive between 6 & 630. I was already having contractions since I woke up, but I'm not sure if it was the start of labor or not since they were about 9 minutes apart.  Got there, taken to my room, IV started and with pitocin and ampicillin (for GBS+) all by 645. Dr R came in around 7 and broke my water. It was the weirdest feeling! It felt like I was constantly peeing myself.  Contractions started getting stronger and closer together.  By 745 they were starting to really get uncomfortable, so I called for my epidural.  By 8:00 they were painless again.  Getting the epi makes me drunk for about 30-45 minutes.  Me and the nurse were very chatty and then after that I could barely hold my eyes open.  Of course Homer left the room when they were giving the epi.  Nurse told him to come back after about 15 minutes.  Well after 30, I start wondering where he went. And as I mentioned, the meds make me drunk, so I shrug it off and quickly join back into the converstation.  Well by 45 minutes, I decide to call him.  He was asleep in the waiting room!  (He's already been caught sleeping multiple times while I was in pain in the delivery room). Well he joins us back and we watch TV for the next few hours. 
The nurse said we'll have a baby by noon when we get there and says that's her goal.  Well as we approach noon, we all realize were not gonna make our goal, but hopefully we won't be far behind it. Dr. R came in about every 1 1/2 hr to check me and I was progressing wonderfully.  At 1 he comes in and says I am 9+ dilated with just a rim of cervix left.  He tells the nurse to check me again at 145 and then start pushing if I'm ready.  She had turned me on my side in what is called the pretzel to help him come down and help my cervix progress.  Not even 10 minutes after he left, I started really feeling pressure and the urge to push.  She checks me and I'm ready.  So she transforms the bed and we get ready to push.  After 10 minutes of pushing, she says don't push anymore. We wait another 13 minutes for Dr R to mosey on down, all the while Riley comes a little more with every contraction despite me resisting the urge to push.  During our waiting time, the nurse gets out some Johnson and Johnson and gives him his first shampoo haha.  The nurse was ready to catch him but luckily Dr R made it to the table in time.  One more push and out he comes, at 141 pm. The nurses were very surprised with his size.  My nurse guessed he'd be around 6 1/2 lbs by looking at me.  Of course, Homer and I were not shocked by his 9 lb 2 oz.  I wasn't expecting his length though!  I saw the nurse measuring him, shaking her head, and remeasuring him and few times.  Then she announced 22 in!  I knew he was cramped and kept hitting my ribs, but I wasn't thinking he'd be 22 in!!  Well his big head, I had between a 1st and 2nd degree tear, dr said it was small.  

He was breathing wonderfully and so we didn't have the excitement in L&D like we had with KB.  They cleaned him a little and then put him on my chest for kangaroo care for about 30 mins.  I was in love! We later don't realize until about 3 or 4 that Homer never even held him. I felt so bad!  
My parents, Kaylee Beth, and Homer's dad were all here for his birth.  It was great having the grandparents here for such a special time.  Kaylee Beth immediately took to Riley.  She gets mad when other people hold him and she wants to be right there beside him at all times.  Yesterday she was holding him in her lap and took his shoes off of him.  He was getting hungry and started crying.  She started crying thinking she hurt him when she took the shoes off.  It took a few minutes to convince her she didn't do anything wrong and he was just hungry.  
She has gone home with my parents both nights while Homer and I stayed here at the hospital with Riley. They would have to carry her out crying b/c she wanted to stay with us and bubba.  But she's very excited that bubba is gonna come see her at home tomorrow!
Due to me being Group B strep positive, Riley has to be monitored for at least 48 hours to make sure he doesn't develop anything serious within the first 2 days.  So far so good!  
He eats like a champ! The first couple of feedings were rough as I was relearning how to breastfeed and he was trying this hardest to figure out what he needed to do.  But by the next morning, we were both doing well with it.  He eats a LOT and frequently!  He does a lot of eating and sleeping, but hardly ever cries.  He got mad last night when they undressed him to get his weight, but that was really the first time he had a crying spell.  Looks like he knows he needs to be mellow with Kaylee Beth around! :) 
Well It's time for me to get another nap before he wakes up again for more milk!  I didn't remember how sore my nipples were gonna be.  Kaylee Beth didn't eat as well the first few days, so they were spared a little then.  Now, I almost want to cry when he starts eating his fist and showing hunger signs.  (They are sore just typing about him eating-haha)
I'll post some pictures when I can.   I haven't uploaded any to the computer yet, but I will soon.  In the meantime, you can keep checking the Brookwood website and look in the virtual nursery for them to get posted. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Set for Monday!!

Went to dr last week.  No cervical change yet again...
Went yesterday and was 1 cm and 50% effaced.  Yay! Not much but that means its changing. haha.  We set up Monday for induction. So unless Riley comes before Monday, he'll be here 12/20/10!!  We're so excited!  Also, dr had been asking me when I was gonna stop rotations.  I didn't want to stop early b/c i'd have to make it up after he gets here.  So I gave in yesterday and stopped 3 days early. haha.  Today Kaylee Beth has her Christmas party in her Childrens day out program.  So I finally get to go to something!  I'm also planning on going to get my nails done today.  I've been having painful contractions this morning but no pattern... whats new??  So as of right now, no need to change any plans. 
Well time to get up and ready for the day!  Just wanted to share the exciting news!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 weeks left!

So, It's been quite a while since I updated last... A lot has happened since my last update.  I am currently 36 weeks 5 days.  Riley is 2 days away from being full term!  Last week I had my 35 week dr appt.  I had the group B strep test and a cervical exam.  No dilation :(  This Tuesday I went for my 36 week appt.  Still no change and found out I'm Group B +.  My mom is very concerned about me being positive but I've tried to explain to her its no big deal, I'll just get antibiotics when I'm in labor to kill the bacteria and keep Riley from getting anything.  So even with all of the contractions I've been having, they aren't doing a thing!! Yesterday I had a long day at work, 7-5:45.  I'm doing psychiatry on a geriatric psych ward, like where I worked during undergrad.  I thought we weren't gonna be there that long, so I decided to work through lunch to get out faster (Usually I'm out by 1 or 2).  So about 4:00, I started having painful contractions.  I kept monitoring them as we worked, but they didn't seem to be following any sort of pattern.  I almost had a breakdown on the way home b/c I was so tired, hungry, contracting, and just overall exhausted.  Once I got home, I ate, then sat on the couch.  KB was playing in my lap and hitting my already tender belly and causing more contractions.  They were coming every 4-5 minutes for over a hour (when my dr says its time to call him).  I had a feeling I wasn't so lucky as to be in labor, nor did I really think I had the energy to push Riley out tonight, so I laid down in the bed while Homer gave me a massage. Luckily, they slacked off.  I slept from 9-midnight and then woke up hungry, thirsty and contracting agin.  These however were more spaced out and I wasn't worried about being in labor.  After waking up multiple times during the night with contractions, it was finally morning and time to start another day.  Luckily I was done about 1 today!  
I've really been slowing down more lately. I'm still not waddling much since baby is still as high as ever.  I don't think he's ever gonna drop! Most days I feel pretty good. But if I even think about getting out of bed, my feet start swelling.  My hands have started swelling a little and I've had to put away my wedding ring and get out my fake ring since last week.   I'm proud I've lasted this long though.  I remember it being a lot earlier when I was preggo w kb.  
I finally finished the nursery, although I still find the urge to go in there and straighten things and keep cleaning.  I'm not sure that i've actually started nesting yet, but a few weeks ago I had a breakdown at work b/c I felt like nothing was coming together and I wasn't ready for him at all.  Hospital bags are packed and were prepared to leave for the hospital whenever needed.  
We've been keeping track of everyone's guesses on his arrival.  My guess is Next Tuesday.  We'll see if I'm right. At least we know he'll be here in December.  My dr said he'll induce me Dec 20th so I can be home for Christmas.  But I'm not sure if I want to or not. I really don't think he'll make it that long, but I would rather him come naturally.  And I really want to avoid a Csection as much as possible!  After scrubbing in on them, I'd really rather to never have to go through all of the stretching and tearing and shifting of organs!!  
We were at the mall the other day after my dr appt and Kaylee Beth wanted to talk to Santa.  Since it was during the day, there were no kids in line and Santa came to talk to her.  She was scared to get close but talked from a distance.  When Santa asked what she wanted for christmas, she said "Bubba Riley!"  It was so cute!  She talks to my belly a lot and kisses it.  Today at lunch at a chinese rest she started lifting up my shrit to talk to him and kiss him and wouldn't let me put my shirt down.  Luckily there was only 1 other table and the workers there.  But still!! Even without stretch marks, I don't exactly want my belly showing in public! haha.