Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stuck in bed...

Yesterday was awful for me!  I had the day off from school and had planned to catch up on the studying I didn't do last week and the weekend.  So when Kaylee Beth woke up, I started getting her ready to go to school. Well, I had the usual nausea, only it seemed to be a lot worse than usual.  I usually can force myself to eat breakfast and by 9 or 10 it is a lot better. But I felt so bad that I was afraid to put anything in my mouth and had to leave her in her high chair alone so I could avoid the smells of her cheerios (yes, I realize they don't even really smell!--my pregnant nose can smell dirty diapers in the next room before she's even done, and not to mention the unique urine smell shower water has taken on...) Anyway, I finally got her ready and out the door. As soon as I got home, I laid back on the couch (I was still sleeping on the couch in hopes to not catch Homer's virus).  Homer came home after work and changed the sheets on our bed so I could sleep in there.  I woke up every hour or so still with nausea.  After 6 hours of constant nausea, I had Homer call my dr to see what I could take. They said I could take vitamin B6 and Unisom (it's a sleeping med--not really sure how it helps w/ nausea). But as soon as I swallowed the unisom, I felt it coming back.  Luckily throwing up wasn't too bad since all I had on my stomach was water and ginger ale.   After sleeping some more I finally felt like eating a little at about 5 pm. 

After lying in bed all day, it made it all better when I played with KB in her room that night.  After I changed her diaper, she picked up her baby doll and laid her on her tummy.  She moved her up and down saying "up....down" and then laugh and did it over and over.  Then she sat her baby up and started "reading" her a book.  I teared up (I'm already emotional!) thinking that she's doing to her baby what we do with her.  I smiled realizing it could be worse... she could be telling her baby "no" and pointing her finger at her!  So after a hard day of lying in bed (and crying b/c "I missed Kaylee Beth" cuz she was at school), I realized that Homer and I seem to be doing alright with the whole parenting thing.  Which is a very good thing since we're working on baby #2.... or #3 

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