Monday, May 3, 2010

New Crib

Well, I finally sat down and went through a bunch of emails I had gotten over the past couple of days.  Ya know, the ones from Babies R Us to look at their coupons, ones from the bank, stuff like that.  I got to the one on crib recalls.  I wasn't sure why I saved it b/c I quickly looked at the picture when I got it and it wasn't hers. But I like to make sure on big things like that, so I saved it. Well I finally went through it and turns out KB's crib was one of the ones that were recalled.  Apparently the metal bars that hold the mattress up break and so "down comes baby, cradle and all."  One kid got stuck under the mattress when it fell and died. I think it was 15 others that had broken with a baby in it but they were minor injuries.  So, today I've been researching cribs and deciding what we want to do.  She's about to be 2 and could essentially move up to a toddler bed any time now. But Mama and Da aren't sure that we're ready for her to come into our room 3 times a night just yet.  I still have to study a lot the next month to get ready for my boards and being 6 weeks pregnant, I need my sleep between the 2 of those!  Since we are moving in a month, I want her to be used to her new bed so when we move back to Alabama, it'll be "her bed" and will be comforting in all of the big changes goin on.  My grandmother gave me a nice crib for the last baby for us to borrow.  She used it on my cousins when they were little.  However, the older one is around 10 now.  So realizing that KB's crib is being recalled and I still consider it new (2 yrs old), I'd hate to use a 10 yr old one for my newborn!  So, we're gonna get KB a toddler bed around Oct/Nov so she can get used to it before the baby comes, and give the baby the new crib so we'll be sure theres no recalls on it.

Walmart said they'll pretty much give us cash for her bed (about $230), but the one I want isn't in stores anywhere.  So, now we have to deal with what to do about shipping time.  I think we're gonna take our chances in the recalled bed for the next week until the new one comes in (it hasn't shown any signs of breaking thus far).  This is a pic of the bed we ordered:
I really love the espresso beds and didn't consider white with KB's first one. But the furniture we already have for the nursery (mine when I was in high school) is white.  So I thought, why not use that and get the crib to match.  The more I've been looking at them, the more I like it.  It's so clean and crisp.  I think it'll look real good if we add paint on the nursery walls.  So I'm getting really excited about the nursery and the baby.  Speaking of, we've been talking about names.  As you all know, Homer's first name is Sidney and he wants to pass it on to his son (His dad's name is also Sidney-so he says its a tradition).  And also, as you know, I'm against it.  So, I've been throwing out the idea of Sidney being the middle name.  The problem we've come across is that we've heard it as Sidney Homer for so long, that it doesn't have the same ring as a middle name.  So the name will take some time if it's a boy!  I was trying not to get as excited about the baby so I wouldn't be as hurt if we lost it again.  But I talked with my friend Brittany last week and she said "You're gonna be upset if you lose it either way, so you might as well get excited and enjoy it."  And the more I thought about it, she was right.  So I started looking at names and here we are forced to buy another crib.  Funny how things work out.  (Now we're gonna have a crib that matches the furniture and won't have teeth marks all over it like her old one!)

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