Friday, August 20, 2010

Growing belly, shrinking clothes

This has been my life since my last update.  Slowly, baby boy has been growing and stretching out my tummy.  Over this past week, he has really sprouted! So much that I am almost completely out of my prepreggo clothes and was forced to buy more maternity clothes.  Last time I wasn't working, and so my mat clothes are very casual.  Now that I am seeing patients and pretending to be a doctor (ha!), I have to try to look the part.  That was one thing I was not doing this past week!!  Today I wore a cute black dress and sat down to talk with my first patient and realized that my dress kept creeping up my leg and was quickly turning into a mini.  Yesterday wasn't much better.  I wore a prepreg outfit and after lunch had to unbutton my pants.  Wouldn't have been so bad but my normal shirts are getting short from going over the belly and so I had to keep tugging my shirt down so my belly or unbuttoned pants wouldn't show!  Not to mention I'm really enjoying my family medicine rotation and my end up applying here for residency, which looking like a hooch would not help me get into!  So today I was able to go to the galleria after work and get me some maternity clothes.  I feel so relieved now!
Baby boy still doesn't have a name.  It's been so hard for us to decide on something.  And plus, it's hard to get Homer to talk about the topic. Still not sure why he's really avoiding the subject...  But I have bought the fabric for the nursery.  It's maroon, green, orange, yellow, and animal print. I'm so excited to get to start sewing it together.   I hoping to make curtains this weekend. i'll let you know how that goes later.
Little man is really kicking now.  Homer, KB, and Nan have felt and seen him move.  A lot earlier than with KB.  Weight gain is much more under control this time around.  So far I've gained about 10 lbs and am over half way thru.  I'll be 22 weeks tomorrow! Yay!
KB is getting excited about being a big sister.  She likes getting Bubba's clothes out of his drawers and shopping for him at stores.  I think she'll be a great big sister!!  Speaking of big girl, she got moved into a toddler bed and we've got the crib in Bubbas room.  So it's starting to look more like a nursery.  Once I get some of the bedding done or room painted, I'll post some pictures.  Right now it still looks like a nursery/storage room. 
The only pictures ive taken lately are bare skinned belly pictures. So i'll try to get some normal ones soon to update yall.

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