Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Been a long time...

It's been quite a while since I updated the blog.  Lots has been going on since then!  Yesterday I had my 28 week appointment and we did an elective 4d ultrasound to see our sweet boys face.  He didn't cooperate very well.  The right half of his face was covered by the placenta and the left half he kept his hands in front of.  So, the tech tried and tried but decided we'd try again in 2 weeks.  Hopefully then he'll give us a view.  We still think hes cute by the part we got to see!! Oh, and he is definitely still a boy! We got to see that in 3d as well! haha.  No mistaking it! We did find out that he is head down and in position for labor, although we hope he still waits a couple more months before he tries to get out!  Last month I had my 1 hour glucose tolerance test and passed it! Yay! So glad I don't have gestational diabetes to worry with!  I've been having more braxton hicks contractions that are a lot stronger than last time.  But my dr has assured me I had them last time, but just that I am more aware of them and can feel them more the second baby.  Apparently this increases with each pregnancy... something to look forward to I guess!  I've also been seeing floaters for a couple of months.  I've been trying to keep myself hydrated thinking its dehydration, but its hard to do working with different doctors every month and being forced to maintain their schedules.  My blood pressure has been perfect and no protein in my urine, which are the things you worry about when someone is seeing spots.  So I've just learned to deal with it.  Weight gain is great this time around! I'm up to 19 lbs at 28 weeks.  Still a little more than I'd like, haha, but much better than with KB!  And it seems to be mostly belly.  I still feel like I have some curve to my waist and dont feel like my behind or legs are massive this time.  And another plus, I'm still able to wear my wedding rings! :)  Last time I was wearing the fake ring by now!!
I've been working very hard to finish the nursery in my free time.   We finished painting the room and stripes.  Then I was able to sew the curtains and bed skirt.  I still need to sew the bumpers and diaper stacker along with painting the changing table.  
He is sadly still nameless.  Homer doesnt care for any of the names we have chosen.  "They don't stick out." I'm getting antsy about it and its all starting to stress me out! Hopefully well pick one out soon so I can relax.... and get to monogramming! haha
Homer and I are taking a 'babymoon' this time.  Since he was in Iraq last pregnancy, we didn't get a chance to go anywhere (I was too close to my due date once he returned to the states).  My family is going to tennessee in a couple of weeks for my cousins wedding. So Homer and I are hoping to rent a cabin in Gatlinburg and go 2 days early to spend time together, just the two of us.  Then my parents will bring KB up and we'll go to the wedding together.  
I'm still exercising throughout this pregnancy.  I am so excited that I got to go with a friend from high school last night to a zumba class!  It felt so wonderful to shake my bootay again! It had been prob 2 months since I last went to zumba at the Ymca.  We had planned on joining the Y but decided we'd just stick with the gym my dad has kept the family plan with since he's already paying for us to be members.  
Been having some feet swelling/pain, so I've invented in compression stockings (yes the ones that diabetics wear).  Since I'm on my feet all day, and being a med student, I'm usually the last person in the room that gets a chair.  So I needed something to keep my feet happy and smaller.  I've, sadly, also had to give up wearing sandals or heels to work. I've got my comfy danskos and am now able to pull out my boots.  

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