Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's a ..... ??

We'll be answering this question in 2 days!!  I have my anatomy u/s scheduled at my ob/gyn for Monday July 26.  However, I have heard you can go to Virginia College and get the students to do a free u/s and you help them learn.  So, I called today and they can see me Thursday at 11:30.  I was hoping I could get it Friday and have some people over to reveal the sex, but with it being on Thursday, we may not have a big reveal.  Homer and I haven't really talked about it.  I actually haven't even seen him since 6:30 this morning.  I had to stay later at the clinic today (I was there from 7:30-6:00--so it was a long day!).  But so far I am enjoying the rotation.  It's ob/gyn and I absolutely love the ob part! I love taking care of pregnant women. I'm just iffy on going into the field b/c of the surgeries.  I went to one last week but had to sit down 2 times b/c I felt queasy. Everyone keeps reassuring me its prob cuz I'm preggo and that it does it to experienced people as well.  But we'll see.  I think I'll be going back in the OR tomorrow.  Hopefully I can stand the entire surgery! haha

I've been feeling the baby move more lately.  I tried to let Homer feel it last night, but it had decided to go back to sleep and he didn't feel anything.  I'm starting to show a little, but I still feel way smaller than the first time!   Which I guess is a good thing since I have to still work this time around.

We've started potty training KB and so far we haven't had a lot of success.  Although she did announce she needed to go poo poo and we made it to potty first!! YaY!  I'm sure she'll get better with time. 

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