Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby #2

It's the start of a new year, and the start of a new family member! As crazy as it may seem, we decided to expand our family again, despite our adventurous 19 month old, medical school, and Homer getting his undergrad degree. We both always wanted our children to be close in age (not quite as close and Homer's siblings--a yr apart each!! Yikes!!), but close enough to where they are friends and not just siblings. Once we got the news that I would be in Birmingham for my 3rd year clinical rotations, we decided it was time for a new addition to the family. I had read "How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby" by Dr. Shettles, and though we didn't take 3-4 months like he suggests to understand the cycle, we used his methods for a boy. So we'll see how that pans out in a couple of months, I guess.

Homer and my mom are both hoping for a boy. I on the other hand would like either. I would love a boy since we had a girl the first time. But I'd also love a girl b/c I LOVE dressing Kaylee Beth up in dresses and bows (& my fav color is pink-haha).

We found out a couple of days before Christmas that we were expecting again. I should be due around Sept 2, and I am almost 6 weeks right now. My friend Brittany started an embroidery business ( and made Kaylee Beth a "Big Sister" shirt. So she was the one that told our family and friends. Our family was so surprised and excited. It was so much fun telling everyone, even though we pretty much had to tell most of them to read her shirt. So far, I have felt great. I've had a couple of days of exhaustion and yesterday I just felt "yucky" but I feel very lucky that that is all I've had so far. Some days I've wondered if I read the preg test wrong b/c I've felt so good.

Since I've been having to go to the restroom so frequently this time, I didn't think it was fair that Homer got to just sit on the couch a relax when I had to keep getting up every 15 mins. So, I've decided that he has to at least stand up every time I have to go. Haha, he's such a good sport. I just had to smile when I stood up last night, turned at looked at him, and he hopped up too!

I'm determined not to blow up like I did when I was pregnant with Kaylee Beth! Over the past year, Homer and I have been hitting the gym pretty regularly. A lot of the information on exercise in pregnancy says not to get your heart beat over 140/150. Which for me, is like I'm not really even exercising. My advisor at my school does research on preg women and exercise so I decided to ask her. She says research shows that you can work out at the same intensity and same duration as before you were pregnant. You just still need to listen to your body and stop when you are overdoing it. She's getting me a couple of medical articles to read on the subject, but I am very glad to know that it will not only not harm my baby but will also be good for it! So with that, I'm headed to the gym since I have the morning free today.


  1. Sounds fun! Yeah just stick in the gym now, and you won't HAVE to go as much later to lose the baby weight. That's my philosophy on it, and it's worked for me twice. Or it may just be that we are young. ;-) Good luck with your balancing act of pregnancy, school, and KB!

  2. Yeah!! I cant wait to keep up with your pregnancy!

  3. I had no idea!!! I'm so excited for you and Homer. Let me know when you're back in Birmingham for your rotations.

    Also, my workout class instructor said her doctor told her the same thing about working out. She taught our class until she was about to pop!