Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Scan!!

We went this morning for our scan and everything is fine! When she first showed the baby, it was asleep and she was moving the scanner so I wasn't able to see the heart beating.  Finally we were able to see it and I let out a huge sigh of relief and started breathing again (didn't realize but I was holding my breath looking for the heartbeat).  It woke up for a few seconds and we got to see it kicking and doing somersaults.  Homer's sister, Eloree, went with us and they went and got her after she finished the scan.  Once Eloree got back to us, the baby had gone back to sleep. But she was so excited to get to see it.  She was shedding tears of joy because she knows how much we want this baby.  It was a wonderful start of the summer and I feel so much better now!  I had a cyst on both ovaries but the radiologist didn't mention them so I'm guessing they are normal.  I have a small subchrionic hemorrhage again, but he said not to worry about it and that it is very common. He said the only reason he even told me was so if I saw a small amount of dark blood not to call my dr b/c it was prob that.  I had one last time, but they don't think that was the cause of the miscarriage.  So I feel really good about telling everyone, so I'm planning on making an official facebook announcement later today.  Dr said our chances of miscarriage at this point are very low and it is in our favor now! :)  So happy to get a good report! 
Off to do more packing and a little studying later.  In a few days we'll be on the beach! :)

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