Thursday, June 3, 2010

My stupidity paid off...

Well, a lot has happened since my last post.  Haha the whole situation makes me laugh... now. So I posted about how I heard the heartbeat and was super excited.  Well the next day I thought it would be neat to see if I heard another heartbeat on the other side.  And... I did!  My mom is up here and confirmed that they both were heartbeats.  So I called my dr and talked to the nurse.  She said my dr was headed out to his last surgery but that she would call me back tomorrow.  So that night, I thought I'd give it another listen.  It was then that I realized that if I followed the "heartbeats" out laterally, they became more regular and realized they were mine.  I was listening to my iliac arteries! So embarrassed, I left a message early the next morning for my nurse telling her not to worry that I was doing it wrong. Well she had called me back but I didn't notice until they had closed that afternoon.  She then called again the next day.  She said that my dr said it was really early to hear the hb anyway, but if i wanted to, I could schedule a formal ultrasound.  The only downside is that she doesnt know if my insurance will cover it.  He said he wants to check the viability of the baby due to my past miscarriage.  I'm not sure if Homer will go for it with the possibility that we may have to pay for it.  But I postposed the ultrasound til after my board exams, just in case we find out bad news. 
I took one of my exams on Tuesday and the other one is Saturday.  It feels so good to have one down.  It is supposed to be the harder one, so I haven't been studying as much these past few days.  I'll be excited when I get done with it all and can hang out on the beach next week! I'll post if we decide to do the ultrasound on Monday and if so def share the results if we do.  I'm getting nervous that we'll have a repeat since we're at about the same time frame that it all happened last time.  Please pray that the baby is ok.

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  1. I did this when I was pregant with Alyssa.... I obviously didn't know the correct medical terms, but I was listening to my own heart beat and thinking it was Alyssa's! LOL