Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 weeks left!

So, It's been quite a while since I updated last... A lot has happened since my last update.  I am currently 36 weeks 5 days.  Riley is 2 days away from being full term!  Last week I had my 35 week dr appt.  I had the group B strep test and a cervical exam.  No dilation :(  This Tuesday I went for my 36 week appt.  Still no change and found out I'm Group B +.  My mom is very concerned about me being positive but I've tried to explain to her its no big deal, I'll just get antibiotics when I'm in labor to kill the bacteria and keep Riley from getting anything.  So even with all of the contractions I've been having, they aren't doing a thing!! Yesterday I had a long day at work, 7-5:45.  I'm doing psychiatry on a geriatric psych ward, like where I worked during undergrad.  I thought we weren't gonna be there that long, so I decided to work through lunch to get out faster (Usually I'm out by 1 or 2).  So about 4:00, I started having painful contractions.  I kept monitoring them as we worked, but they didn't seem to be following any sort of pattern.  I almost had a breakdown on the way home b/c I was so tired, hungry, contracting, and just overall exhausted.  Once I got home, I ate, then sat on the couch.  KB was playing in my lap and hitting my already tender belly and causing more contractions.  They were coming every 4-5 minutes for over a hour (when my dr says its time to call him).  I had a feeling I wasn't so lucky as to be in labor, nor did I really think I had the energy to push Riley out tonight, so I laid down in the bed while Homer gave me a massage. Luckily, they slacked off.  I slept from 9-midnight and then woke up hungry, thirsty and contracting agin.  These however were more spaced out and I wasn't worried about being in labor.  After waking up multiple times during the night with contractions, it was finally morning and time to start another day.  Luckily I was done about 1 today!  
I've really been slowing down more lately. I'm still not waddling much since baby is still as high as ever.  I don't think he's ever gonna drop! Most days I feel pretty good. But if I even think about getting out of bed, my feet start swelling.  My hands have started swelling a little and I've had to put away my wedding ring and get out my fake ring since last week.   I'm proud I've lasted this long though.  I remember it being a lot earlier when I was preggo w kb.  
I finally finished the nursery, although I still find the urge to go in there and straighten things and keep cleaning.  I'm not sure that i've actually started nesting yet, but a few weeks ago I had a breakdown at work b/c I felt like nothing was coming together and I wasn't ready for him at all.  Hospital bags are packed and were prepared to leave for the hospital whenever needed.  
We've been keeping track of everyone's guesses on his arrival.  My guess is Next Tuesday.  We'll see if I'm right. At least we know he'll be here in December.  My dr said he'll induce me Dec 20th so I can be home for Christmas.  But I'm not sure if I want to or not. I really don't think he'll make it that long, but I would rather him come naturally.  And I really want to avoid a Csection as much as possible!  After scrubbing in on them, I'd really rather to never have to go through all of the stretching and tearing and shifting of organs!!  
We were at the mall the other day after my dr appt and Kaylee Beth wanted to talk to Santa.  Since it was during the day, there were no kids in line and Santa came to talk to her.  She was scared to get close but talked from a distance.  When Santa asked what she wanted for christmas, she said "Bubba Riley!"  It was so cute!  She talks to my belly a lot and kisses it.  Today at lunch at a chinese rest she started lifting up my shrit to talk to him and kiss him and wouldn't let me put my shirt down.  Luckily there was only 1 other table and the workers there.  But still!! Even without stretch marks, I don't exactly want my belly showing in public! haha. 

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