Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Week

We've been keeping busy this past week.  Let's see, since I last posted, Kaylee Beth has done many new things.  She has added some new words to her vocabulary, including 'zza' for pizza, elbow, 'ights' (lights), along with some others. She also has a new favorite game... Ring around the rosies.  She even joins in on "ashes, ashes."  And tonight after Da turned off the TV because Strawberry Shortcake was over and she stood on her on her potty/stool and turned it back on.  She's also learning to throw big fits to try to get what she wants.  So now, we've started ignoring her and carrying on with what we were doing until she stops and can calmly tell us what she wants.  She also has pee peed in her potty once and poo pooed once. She gets a dum dum and gets so excited about it. But I know we are still very far from being potty trained!
Along with her achievements, we noticed a rash on her last Wednesday.  It would occur in patches on diff body parts, and a couple of hours later would move to other places on her body.  We found out it was hives.  So then we had to go back and think of what she had eaten 3 days before.  We think it's either the paprika chicken we had for dinner or oreos. So we'll be having a taste test in a week or two. As of now, we're avoiding choc in case.  I've been busy teaching Kaylee Beth about the growing baby inside of mommy's tummy.  I'll ask her who the big sister is and she'll point to herself.  Then when I ask where the baby is, she'll point to my tummy.  So maybe she'll understand before the baby comes.
The little one has been growing quietly.  I tried to decrease my nausea meds, but the next morning I was sick and waited to eat breakfast. Luckily, it only lasted til about 8 instead of 11 or 12. So I've decided to keep taking the normal dose for now.  I've been taking weekly pictures to document its growth. It hasn't looked different until today. When I went to zumba tonight, I noticed my belly was sticking out a little more.  So I'm thinking my weak belly muscles are giving in to my grapefruit-sized uterus.  My mom is getting antsy about setting up the nursery (since we'll be moving into their house this summer, she sees it everyday and is waiting for he/she to get here).  She's determined it's a he and refers to "him" quite a bit. 

These are a few pictures we've taken over the past few weeks.  The 1st is her sliding, she saw the big kids go down head first. The next one is her shopping with her shopping cart at Target.  The next was playing at Wonderscope in the water room. If you can't tell what she's got on her neck in the next one, I'll tell you, it's my panties!! And the last one is when we took her sledding. We finally got rid of all of the snow and now it's supposed to start snowing tomorrow for the next 4 days! Boo!!

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