Monday, May 24, 2010

Dr Visit

Sorry I am just now posting about my check-up (a week late).  We went last Monday and had a good check-up.  I had gained about 3 lbs since I went back for my D&C checkup.  But that's expected since I've been pretty stressed and sitting on my butt a lot more studying.  But it's still not bad.  Def a lot better than when I was preggo w/ KB! Haha.  He did a bedside ultrasound, I guess to check and make sure everything was OK.  We got to see the heart beating. It was about 160 bpm and was wonderful to see.  I asked him if he could date the baby since I thought I ovulated late. And sure enough, I was 2 days later than scheduled. So now my due date is Dec 27.  It's getting closer to the new year. I think it would be neat for it to be born on 1/1/11!  But that would require me holding it in past 40 weeks... eek!  However, I have decided that I don't want to induce early unless my doctor needs me to, like if we think it's gonna be a huge baby!  I had planned it for KB so Homer could def be there, but that didn't work out.  She said she wanted to be here a week earlier than that.  And I actually am really glad she did.  It told me that she was ready to be out.  I believe they stay in for a reason and may have problems if we take them out early for our convenience. Anyway, I got side tracked.  The baby looks good and he just went through the normal preg info-exercise, food, meds.  The nurse did make a comment of "We didn't expect to see you back so soon." B/c they told us to wait 3 months before trying again.  My Dr in Alabama said 1 cycle so we went with him.  We said our goodbyes with the dr and nurse b/c my next appoitment is in alabama with dr. robinett.  It's so exciting to know where getting so close to moving back to our friends and family.  But it's also scary b/c that means that my boards are approaching.  Speaking of, my first one is one week from tomorrow!!! :(  Which reminds me, I'm supposed to be totally focused on studying for the next week.  So I had better get back to it. 

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