Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let the cravings begin...

This week has been a little harder.  I've had nausea almost every morning from the time I wake up til about 10 or 11 in the morning.  I've been forcing myself to eat something hoping that it will make me feel better.  I have found that suckers seem to help and so I bought a pack of dum dums to stick in my bag for class.  

This weekend has been especially rough.  We go out to dinner every Friday night. And this whole week I have been looking forward to going to get a philly cheesesteak and fries. Well, it wasn't as good as I made it out to be in my head. And it was actually WAY greesy and left me feeling gross all night. We did get to make it to Walgreens and the groc store to pick up some bargins! Kaylee Beth got a metal toy shopping cart for christmas from Gran and we've been taking it in the groc store to keep her entertained while we shop.  Everyone stops and comments on her pushing the cart. At least it keeps her quiet and we dont have to hear people mumbling something about "the screaming child," which is usually how groc shopping goes.  Then we also went to Target to hit up their 75% off toy section for christmas next year (a little early, I know. But this year I spend my last few weeks before Christmas racking my brain to think of things to get people and then fighting the crowds to get it).  Anyway, so Sat morning we headed to the gym for a work out. Then after lunch, Homer said he didn't feel good. Then after trying to sleep and running to the bathroom, he threw up.  So needless to say I had to take care of him and KB all day. There went my hopes of catching up on studying.  To try and keep me and the babies from getting the virus, I slept on the couch.  Did I mention that I don't sleep well if I'm not in a bed?  Today he was better but I was completely exhausted. I remember fading in and out this morning while KB was doing puzzles and playing.  Then I slept through her nap time as well! Once we finally got going today, we went shopping. Homer asked me if I wanted to go to gymboree (one of my fav places to shop for kb!) and I said NO! I never turn down shopping, especially if he ASKS me if I want to go there! I'm telling you, this pregnancy is really wearing me out!  I can barely walk 10 ft carrying her now, and so it seems she only wants to be carried.

We had thought about keeping Kaylee Beth out of day care tomorrow to take her to this indoor play place (you know, to celebrate the birthday, of course haha). It has lots of diff themed play rooms.  We took her there last year and she really enjoyed it.  But we decided we would take her there next weekend instead and use tomorrow while she's gone to do the studying we didn't get to this weekend.  

Thursday is my first dr appt. I'm super excited b/c we'll be getting an ultrasound. Since I haven't seen what's going on in there yet, I've been really nervous it's twins!  So this will either calm my nerves or give me another reason to worry! More to come after the appointment. 

Earlier this week, I was really in the mood for cake. Then it turned into cheesecake. So the 3 of us headed to the groc store one night to get some.  (turned out it they didnt have what i wanted and it wasn't very satisfying)  Then tonight I was really craving some french fries, only I didn't know what kind I wanted. We drove around the mall looking at all of the restaurants while I thought about their fries. We drove past an Arby's, and after turning around a couple of time, finally made it. Their homestyle fries seemed to be the right choice.  Only to find out that they don't serve them anymore! The curly fries were OK, but it wasn't what I was expecting and just made me feel like a cow afterward.  Hopefully I'll start craving something healthy next, like green beans or broccoli. haha I can hope!

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