Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So I started getting into cutting coupons in Dec and started watching prices to get the best deals and stocking up before we need it.  It seems to have paid off so far.  I'm keeping an excel spread sheet of my spending and savings.  Since the beginning of Jan, I've spent $346 and saved $316 (That's 45%!!).  And this includes our HUGE restocking trip we took to Walmart when we came back from the holidays and had an empty fridge.  I didn't have much time to search for the best deals and price match, so we didn't save much.  I'm pretty sure I have thrown a couple of receipts away when we go to buy milk and a few things for supper. But I've noticed that I get pretty angry when we're running errands and Homer says "Lets go get some food for the week" and I have no sales papers, no time to research, and we end up spending more than we should for things. Haha.  Before we would be out and realize KB needed some more diapers and end up spending the reg price and maybe using a coupon if I happened to have one in my wallet.  Now I keep my coupon binder in my car so I have it for any unplanned shopping trips. 

So since I've started, I've been buying things we use, but don't need at the time.  Now that we're building up stock, Homer's starting to get a little concerned since we are in a tiny apartment.  And I'm afraid it'll be even worse by the end of the week b/c I'm planning on buying about 20 packs of diapers for KB and the new baby (20 total, not 20 each).  I actually ordered coupons from ebay. This was my first time, and I'm worried they wont get here in time to use them for the good target deal before it ends. They were mailed yesterday, so I should be good :).  I'll end up getting the diapers for $3.33 a pack! (usually $11, $9 if they are on sale).  So I'd say cutting coupons is worth it.  If you're still not a believer yet, listen to my great deals from tonight....
We got 6-12 packs of Pepsi for $10 (after $10 extra bucks).  I used the rest of a $25 gift card I got for filling my new prescription there, so it actually cost me $7 at the store, and I got $10 back. PLUS, Pepsi has a rebate for the super bowl, so I'll be getting $7.50 back in the mail.  So really, I got paid to take them (and Homer was out of drinks and kept trying to buy Cokes that weren't on sale).  Then I used my $10 reward bucks and bought the milk we came to get, along w/ a few other things.
Got 3 packs of Huggies diapers for FREE!!  Had some great coupons and $5 reward bucks.
 We were going out cuz KB was out of milk, and look at what we got!! :) haha

Anyway, there isnt much to update on the pregnancy.  I've been more cautious when working out after finding out about the blood next to the sac. I've been staying away from jumping and keeping one foot on the ground like my dr suggested.  I have not had any more nausea since I started my meds.  I take it at night, and it's still hard to get going in the morning because i'm still sleepy from the meds.  I have noticed that I've been waking up more during the night to pee.  I've also noticed I'm getting more bloated. I've had to use my belly band a couple of times and wear my pants unbuttoned.  I also called my OB in birmingham to let him know I'd be coming down there and he'd have to catch my baby.  But I think the nurse was a little hesitant to tell him just yet since I'm not out of the 1st trimester yet and still have the possibility of miscarriage.  But keep praying that the little bean will hang in there and make it through. 

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