Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is it me or everyone else??

Today, people have been testing my nerves.  I've had a pretty good day, considering most of the day was studying.  KB's new crib came in today.  Homer took down her crib and as we were taking the new one out of the box, we noticed that one of the legs was broken.  Homer called Amazon and asked them what we needed to do.  The lady said they would have to mail another crib and we will then take the piece we need out and put the broken one back in and mail it back.  Crazy huh??  Then she said it would be another week before we got it.  I was furious!  We had let her sleep in a recalled bed the past 8 days while we were waiting for that one to get here. Then after we already took hers apart, we find out they are going to make us wait another week to get one we can actually use!  I was so mad, so I called them back.  I explained about the recalled bed and how we already waited over a week and how I didn't know why we weren't given 2 day shipping since I know they offer it.  The guy did some clicking and finally said it would be here the day after tomorrow! Problem solved.
Tuesday night is family night at the ChickFilA here and we always go.  Kaylee Beth loves to play with the kids and we love the food. We get there early and get a table by the play area door so we can let KB in and out.  Well tonight, she was standing inside the door and a man went to get his daughter to go home.  She came out and he held the door for about 3 more seconds so he didn't smash KB's fingers. Well he sat her on the table behind us while he put her shoes on.  Then he proceeded to tell his daughter that he had to hold the door so he didn't smash the girls fingers.  Then he said "I don't know where her parents are but they are NOT doing a good job watching her." I wanted to turn around and let him have it! But I was trying to be a good person and hold my tongue.  I'm not sure exactly what we were doing wrong because his daughter was playing by herself in there just like Kaylee Beth was doing.  On top of that I wanted to ask him who was the bad parent, the ones who let their child play in the supervised area without her parents hoovering over her or the obese man teaching and allowing his 6 yo daughter to become overweight herself?  I mean who's calling the kettle black??  Anyway, I held my tongue and let him leave in peace thinking he was Daddy of the Year.
Then we went to WalMart to return the recalled crib. We had called last week and talked with someone from Walmart and they said it was fine and to bring it in.  Well the manager here was not nice.  She had an attitude with me before I even said anything.  It took her about a hour to look the model number up and said that it wasn't on her list.  I showed her the email from Toys R Us I had received and even on the CPSC website where it said all models with a metal mattress support are recalled.  She was not helpful at all, not to mention that my child was tired since she didn't get a nap at school today.  So then we went across the road to Target and after 20 minutes, I had a gift card for $265.  They had no problem finding it on the list and didn't treat me like an idiot.  This is yet another reason why I love Target!
So today has left me wondering if this is pregnancy mood swings or everyone else.  My first appointment is Monday.  I'm hoping I'll get an ultrasound, but I have a feeling he doesn't usually do one this early.  I don't know if I can go much longer without knowing if the baby is OK though.  All day, I'm wondering if it's ok, checking to see if I have symptoms, etc.  It's so nerve wracking not to know if everything is OK.  I just wish I had an ultrasound machine at home. lol

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