Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Everything happens for a reason...

So, I said that I've been worried about this pregnancy, and that part hasn't changed!  I still haven't had sore boobs, nor have they grown even a smidge :(  I find myself waking up in the middle of the night, just hoping they'll be sore. But so far, no luck.  (I know it's weird that I'm upset I don't have it, but I'd really love some more reassurance!)  So in hopes of calming my nerves, I took another pregnancy test.  It was positive! Yay! But it was my last one, and I'm pretty sure Homer will think I'm crazy if I go buy more at this point, not to mention be mad that I wasted $15 on it! I know not every pregnancy is the same and I won't have the same symptoms each time (I didn't have nausea w/ KB but had lots with #2).  But It still worries me when I don't get symptoms I've had before.  Even knowing this, I've wanted to call the nurse just to hear her say this is normal.  So, during one of the many trips to the bathroom, I just sat there and thought.  And it suddenly occurred to me why God sent me that little baby, just to have it taken away so soon.  With my first pregnancy, I didn't worry about things.  My doctor told me to stop reading thing and to "just have a baby." So, that's what I did.  I ate pretty much anything (and with her I ate everything-lol) and didn't stress about using a heating pad or drinking a can of diet coke.  But after having a missed abortion, I have been focusing on these things.  As a doctor, it is important for me to know why women are calling all the time and coming in for "meaningless visits about the smallest things."  I could see how this would be frustrating for a doctor to have to answer every little question for a pregnant women.  But having gone through it, I completely understand why women stress about every little thing their body is doing, or in my case, not doing.  I really think this will help me to become a better doctor, especially since I am interested in OB/GYN.  I am in no way glad I went through the experience, but I glad however that God was able to use it and teach me a valuable lesson and now I can use it to help others.  God is so amazing! 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Another week down

Tomorrow is 5 weeks.  I haven't been having many symptoms so far.  I've been having to pee a little more and been a little more tired.  But that's pretty much it.  After having a miscarriage last time, I almost wish I had more symptoms just so I would know everything is OK.  I've been worried about losing this baby.  But I know there is no good in worrying, so I try to keep my mind off of it. 
Kaylee Beth got sick from a girl in her class.  She started feeling bad at the end of the day yesterday and when we picked her up from daycare, she slowly walked over to me (instead of running and squealing) and when I picked her up, she immediately put her head down on my shoulder.  We didn't even make it home without her throwing up.  She felt so bad that she fell asleep in my lap at 7:30! We've been lucky to get her asleep by 9 these days!  Today we took her to the doctor and turns out she has strep throat.  Her fever keeps coming and going and gets up to 102!  And the worst part is that she's fighting us with taking her medicine.  So we can't keep her fever down because she won't take Tylenol and we won't be able to get rid of the strep throat soon b/c she won't take the antibiotics either.  Why don't we force her to take it, you say? This kid has the most sensitive gag reflex ever! She throws up if she starts crying too hard!! So, we've learned, after many back fires, that we can't try to squirt some in her mouth without her knowing.  So... we may be battling strep throat for a while!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Round #3

So, I've been debating on whether or not to post about this one.  BUT.... I'M PREGNANT AGAIN!!  We are so excited! But as you can imagine, I'm super scared and nervous about this one after what happened last time.  I had a positive test last week and went to the doctor for an "official" urine pregnancy test done today.  So based on my last menstrual period, my due date is December 25. If everything goes well this time, this baby will definitely be a Christmas Miracle!  (I'm not really positive that this is my real due date b/c I think my period was prob irregular after coming off of a miscarriage, but I like the idea of Christmas Day).  I wasn't sure if I should announce it just yet, since I'm only 4 weeks along.  But I don't see a miscarriage as something to be ashamed of.  If you don't tell anyone you're pregnant in the first place, you won't have anyone there to help you through if something were to happen.  Please pray for a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.  I've already noticed some symptoms starting.  I hope this doesn't mean it's gonna be a long 1st trimester!!  The past couple of nights I've been waking up to pee and I've already been hit with exhaustion.  Luckily, no nausea just yet, and just maybe, it won't be coming this time!  My doctor appointment is in exactly 4 weeks.  I'll be keeping everyone posted on the pregnancy.  Yay!!  :)