Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lots of Updates

We've been very busy these past few weeks!  I finished up at my school, passed everything, Yay (except it hasn't been long enough to get my board results back).  We moved back to Alabama and are almost unpacked.  There's still those random boxes that you don't really know what to do with that are still sitting around.  I'm dreading finishing those boxes!  I also havent hung any pictures or such--just the basics done.  We also went to the beach for a week.  It was so nice and relaxing being done with everything and being able to enjoy the pool and beach!  We were definitely sad to leave and come back to unpacking boxes!  This week has been spent unpacking and visiting with old friends I haven't seen in a while.  It's been really great seeing everyone!

I also had another check up.  It was with my Dr from when I had Kaylee Beth.  Not that my dr in missouri was bad, but it was nice being back with Dr. Robinett.  I knew the other doctor was temporary and so he never really felt like "my doctor."  haha It's kinda weird, I know, but my dr down here makes me feel so much more calm and relaxed.  The check up went well.  None of my records were received, so the nurse wanted to re-do my blood work and pap smear.  Luckily, Dr. R said just to keep calling them to see if we can get them.  Since it was my first time seeing them with this pregnancy, they scheduled me for an ultrasound.  It was wonderful seeing the baby! The lady got annoyed when I asked her to look between the legs.  The baby was asleep at first but she kept pressing on it and tapping it until the baby started getting annoyed at her.  It was kicking and swinging its arms and even arched its back at one time. Which I can understand it's pain b/c my uterus is still sore 2 days later b/c she was pressing so hard!! Hb was 154 bpm and so far everything looks great.  Dr was reassuring when he said that this baby is a keeper and we are past point of miscarriage.  I said he liked Christmas Day for a due date so we picked that.  He also said that way he can be sure to have me home by then.  So, I'm guessing he's planning on inducing the week before if the baby doesn't come before that.  KB came 2 weeks early, so I'm thinking this one will be too.  I talked him into letting me come back in 5 weeks instead of 4 so we can do the 20-wk scan at 18 weeks instead of 22.  So now only a little over 4 weeks to go and we'll know if it's a boy or girl!  My first rotation is with an ob/gyn, so I'm kinda hopin the sonogram techs offer to do an early gender det scan for me at work...  We'll see! :)
Speaking of, rotations start July 5.  I only have about another week to go before I start!  I can't believe it's almost time. I'm starting to get really nervous since it's been so long since I've been in the hosp, especially since I'm expected to know so much more this time around.  I'll also be able to see patients on my own and give my recommendations on treatment (of course the dr will get the final say and only do what he thinks, but I'll still have to tell him what I think).  I'm also nervous about how long the days will be.  I'm worried I won't have much time to spend with Kaylee Beth and that being pregnant, I'll be even more tired when I get home.  I'm also scared I'll have to work a lot of weekends.  Well see.  I just hate not knowing since every month is with a different doctor and their different schedules.  
Well, I'm about to start going through all of Kaylee Beth's baby things to see what can be saved if we have a girl.  Right now it's our "junk room" where everything she outgrew, we sent home with my mom and she just piled it in the room.  So wish me luck! I may not come back out alive!! :)

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  1. wow you sound busy girl! hang in there!!!